1881 British Census: Greater London West

Berkshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Oxfordshire & Surrey

Ramsdale Surname Entries

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Name Relationship Marital Status Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
John MILLS Head M 59 M Livery Stable Keeper Amport, HAM
Mary MILLS Wife M 53 F - Sutters Benger, WIL
Frances RAMSDALE Visitor U 70 F Formerly Private School Mistress St Pancras, MDX
Address Beulah Hill PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0822 Folio 19 Page 32
Census Place Croydon, SRY FHL Film 1341194

Joseph TRITTON Head M 61 M Banker Battersea, SRY
Amelia TRITTON Wife M 62 F - Hammersmith, MDX
Jessie Margaret TRITTON Daughter U 23 F - Norwood, SRY
Ethel Harriet TRITTON Daughter U 22 F - Norwood, SRY
Hy. RAMSDALE Domestic Servant M 41 M Butler Domestic Servant New Romney, KEN
Thos. Jas. ANDERSON Servant U 24 M Footman Domestic Servant Rickmansworth, HRT
Emma BLAKE Servant U 46 F Cook Domestic Servant Birchanger, ESS
Louisa Janet FIRST Servant U 23 F Ladys Maid Domestic Servant Hertingfordbury, HRT
Hesta Caro L. WARD Servant U 30 F House Maid Domestic Servant Peterborough, NTH
Martha TOMALIN Servant U 18 F Kitchen Maid Domestic Servant Wilford, NTT
Address Central Hill Bloomfield Hall Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0629 Folio 77 Page 1
Census Place Lambeth, SRY FHL Film 1341145

James SHAW Head M 72 M Inspector General Of Hospitals Retired Scotland
Matilda SHAW Wife M 44 F - India
Mary G. SHAW Daughter U 21 F - India
Sophia A. SHAW Daughter U 14 F Scholar India
Charles D. SHAW Son - 11 M Scholar Bedford, BDF
Margaret PATON Servant W 57 F Cook (Dom) Scotland
Eliza SAUNDERS Servant U 35 F Housemaid Somerset
Clara A. RAMSDALE - U 35 F - London, MDX
Address Thicket Road Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0823 Folio 19 Page 31
Census Place Penge, SRY FHL Film 1341194

Adam DRESSLER Head M 44 M Confectioner (Employing 5 Men) Nfissan (For), Germany
Sophia J. DRESSLER Wife M 33 F - Ramsgate, KEN
Charles DRESSLER Son - 1 M - Lambeth, SRY
James RAMSDALE Daughter - 4m F - Lambeth, SRY
Margaret DRESSLER Daughter - 4m F - Lambeth, SRY
Marianne RAMSDALE Visitor U 33 F Independent Southwark, SRY
Catherine F. RUERLUSS Servant U 27 F (Servant Dom) Henley, OXF
Alice HOWARD Servant U 15 F (Servant Dom) Bermondsey, SRY
Mary J. BARRETT Servant U 23 F (Servant Dom) Althorpe, NTH
Address 2 Clapham Road Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0601 Folio 122 Page 3
Census Place Lambeth, SRY FHL Film 1341138

George RAMSDALE Head M 28 M Laundryman Holborn, MDX
Rachel RAMSDALE Wife M 30 F Laundress Pontypool, MGY, Wales
Florence RAMSDALE Daughter - 2 F - Balham, SRY
Albert FREEMAN Visitor M 29 M Warehouseman Holloway, MDX
Annie FREEMAN Wife M 28 F - Pontypool, Wales
Edward KNIGHT - U 25 M - City, MDX
Address 37 Fernlea Road Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0665 Folio 70 Page 21
Census Place Streatham, SRY FHL Film 1341154

William RAMSDALE Head M 23 M Waiter Bow, London, MDX
Jane RAMSDALE Wife M 24 F Dressmaker Hackney, London, MDX
Jennie RAMSDALE Daughter - 4 F - Hackney, London, MDX
William RAMSDALE Son - 2 M - Battersea, SRY
Sarah MUNDIN Mother In Law W 56 F Dressmaker Headstone, KEN
Address 28 Blondel Street Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0648 Folio 103 Page 58
Census Place Battersea, SRY FHL Film 1341150

Seth RAMSDALE Head M 24 M Tailor St James, MDX
Adelaide RAMSDALE Wife M 23 F - St James, MDX
Seth Percy RAMSDALE Son - 10m M - Battersea, SRY
Address 34 Blondel Street Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0648 Folio 104 Page 59
Census Place Battersea, SRY FHL Film 1341150

Annie Laura RAMSDALE Servant U 23 F Nurse Domestic Egham, SRY
Address City Of London Schools (Shepherds Lane) Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0620 Folio 55 Page 103
Census Place Lambeth, SRY FHL Film 1341143

Charles PIGGOTT Head M 30 M Gas Fitter Isle Of Ely, Haddenham, CAM
Jane PIGGOTT Wife M 28 F - Easton Gray, WIL
Samul CAMPS Brother U 18 M Van Guard Isle Of Ely, Chattris, CAM
Arthur E. RAMSDALE - U 27 M - Headingly Nr, London, MDX
Address 19 Cobden Road Pro Ref RG11 Piece 0907 Folio 90 Page 11
Census Place Sevenoaks, KEN FHL Film 1341216

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