1881 British Census: Midlands East

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire & Warwickshire

Ramsdale Surname Entries

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Name Relationship Marital Status Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Elizabeth RAMSDALL Head W 80 F Lodging Housekeeper N K, LEI
Thomas MILNER Lodger U 32 M Brickyard Labourer Kingsbury, WAR
William COX Lodger U 27 M Coal Miner Saltley, WAR
George WOOD Lodger U 62 M Sawyer South Cerney, GLS
Address Dosthill PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2771 Folio 33 Page 6
Census Place Kingsbury, WAR FHL Film 1341663

Matilda RAMSDALE Pauper Inmate W 72 F Hawker Birmingham, WAR
Address "Parish Of Birmingham Workhouse" Western Road Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3011 Folio 84 Page 5
Census Place Birmingham, WAR FHL Film 1341719

Charles HIGHFIELD Head M 32 M Farm Labourer Walesby, NTT
Ann HIGHFIELD Wife M 30 F - Egmanton, NTT
Geo.W. HIGHFIELD Son - 5 M Scholar Walesby, NTT
John HIGHFIELD Son - 3 M Scholar Walesby, NTT
George HIGHFIELD Lodger U 24 M Farm Labourer Walesby, NTT
William RAMSDALL Lodger W 67 M Farm Labourer Egmanton, NTT
Address Town Street Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3372 Folio 71 Page 18
Census Place Walesby, NTT FHL Film 1341806

John RAMSDALL Head M 52 M Farm Servant Wilnecote, WAR
Ann RAMSDALL Wife M 41 F - Kingsbury, WAR
Agnes A. RAMSDALL Daughter - 15 F - Kingsbury, WAR
John D. RAMSDALL Son - 13 M Scholar Kingsbury, WAR
Ellen RAMSDALL Daughter - 9 F Scholar Kingsbury, WAR
Thomas E. RAMSDALL Son - 5 M Scholar Kingsbury, WAR
Henrietta RAMSDALL Daughter - 3 F - Kingsbury, WAR
Beatrice M. RAMSDALL Daughter - 1 F -
George STOKES Lodger U 28 M Colliery Labourer Nether Whitacre, WAR
Address Dosthill Pro Ref RG11 Piece 2792 Folio 28 Page 24
Census Place Kingsbury, WAR FHL Film 1341663

John RAMSDELL Head M 50 M Labourer East Leek, STS
Sarah A. RAMSDELL Wife M 50 F Tailorist Whinsill, DBY
Elizabeth RAMSDELL Daughter - 15 F - Hanley, STS
Address Boiler Yard Pro Ref RG11 Piece 2760 Folio 85 Page 16
Census Place Stapenhill, DBY FHL Film 1341661

Benjamin RAMSDALE Head M 48 M Coal Miner Leomington, WAR
Elizabeth RAMSDALE Wife M 40 F Wife Heage, DBY
Benjamin RAMSDALE Son U 10 M Scholar Clay Cross, DBY
Elizabeth RAMSDALE Daughter U 7 F Scholar Clay Cross, DBY
Charles RAMSDALE Son U 2 M Infant Clay Cross, DBY
Address New Street Bridge Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3427 Folio 148 Page 43
Census Place Claylane, DBY FHL Film 1341819

Abraham RAMSDALL Head M 42 M Brickmaker & Manager Wilnecote, WAR
Eliza RAMSDALL Wife M 42 F - Hurley, WAR
Edward G. SANDLAND Nephew - 12 M Scholar Middleton, WAR
Address Hunt Green Pro Ref RG11 Piece 2771 Folio 69 Page 10
Census Place Middleton, WAR FHL Film 1341663

Francis RAMSDALE Head M 41 M Iron Furnace Lab Staveley, DBY
Bertha RAMSDALE Wife M 34 F - Chesterfield, DBY
William RAMSDALE Son - 11 M Scholar Staveley, DBY
Albert RAMSDALE Son - 9 M Scholar Staveley, DBY
Thomas RAMSDALE Son - 7 M Scholar Staveley, DBY
Mary Ann RAMSDALE Daughter - 5 F Scholar Staveley, DBY
Frederick RAMSDALE Son - 3 M - Staveley, DBY
Elizabeth E. RAMSDALE Daughter - 2 F - Staveley, DBY
Kate RAMSDALE Daughter - 11m F - Staveley, DBY
Address Colliers Row Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3443 Folio 73 Page 20
Census Place Staveley, DBY FHL Film 1341824

Joseph RAMSDELL Head M 41 M Labourer (Out Of Employ) Edgnaston, NTT
Patience RAMSDELL Wife M 38 F Charwoman Derby, DBY
Charles DEAN Son In Law U 17 M General Laboorer Derby, DBY
William DEAN Son In Law - 7 M Scholar Derby, DBY
George Francis RAMSDELL Son - 4 M - Derby, DBY
Joseph RAMSDELL Son - 1 M - Derby, DBY
Address 3 Court 1 Bloom Street Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3395 Folio 117 Page 34
Census Place Derby St Peter, DBY FHL Film 1341811

Joseph RAMSDALE Head M 38 M Iron Works Labourer Staveley, DBY
Hannah RAMSDALE Wife M 33 F - Newthorpe, NTT
Mary RAMSDALE Daughter - 12 F Scholar Staveley, DBY
Francis F. RAMSDALE Son - 8 M Scholar Staveley, DBY
Ruth RAMSDALE Daughter - 7 F Scholar Staveley, DBY
Henry RAMSDALE Son - 5 M Scholar Staveley, DBY
Benjamin RAMSDALE Son - 3 M - Staveley, DBY
Address Colliers Row Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3443 Folio 73 Page 20
Census Place Staveley, DBY FHL Film 1341824

Richard TAYLOR Head M 45 M General Labourer Fiskerton, NTT
Eliza TAYLOR Wife M 55 F General Labourer's Wife Caunton, NTT
Hannah RAMSDALE Daughter U 34 F Domestic Servant Southwell, NTT
Address - Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3372 Folio 121 Page 5
Census Place Weston, NTT FHL Film 1341806

Samuel RAMSDALE Head M 33 M Coal Miner Weldon Road, Wolverhampton, STS
Emma RAMSDALE Wife M 32 F - West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, STS
Address 16 Colliery Rows Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3313 Folio 69 Page 29
Census Place Blackwell, DBY FHL Film 1341789

William RAMSDALE Head M 29 M Coal Miner Walsall, STS
Mary Anne RAMSDALE Wife M 26 F - Brierly Hill, STS
James RAMSDALE Son - 4 M - Morton, DBY
Samuel CARTWRIGHT Lodger M 50 M Coal Miner Wolverhampton, STS
Sarah CARTWRIGHT Wife M 65 F - Wolverhampton, STS
Ellen NICHOLLS - U 9 F - Tapton, DBY
Samuel NICHOLLS - - 6m M - Tapton, DBY
Address 11 White Horse Yd West Baro Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3431 Folio 63 Page 22
Census Place Chesterfield, DBY FHL Film 1341820

Robert S. RAMSDALE Head M 28 M Railway Clerk York, YKS
Ada RAMSDALE Wife M 23 F - Derby, DBY
Address 41 Northumberland Street Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3387 Folio 76 Page 14
Census Place Normanton, DBY FHL Film 1341809

William JINKS Head M 59 M Farm Labourer Maplebeck, NTT
Jane Susan JINKS Wife M 30 F None Ollerton, NTT
William JINKS Son - 12 M Farm Labourer Eakring, NTT
George RAMSDELL Wife's Son U 6 M Scholar Southwell Union, NTT
Harriet JINKS Daughter - 4 F Scholar Farnsfield, NTT
Charles JINKS Son - 3 M Scholar Farnsfield, NTT
Address Farnsfield Pro Ref RG11 Piece 3369 Folio 5 Page 3
Census Place Farnsfield, NTT FHL Film 1341805

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