Boyd's Marriage Index 1538 to 1840

Ramsdale Surname Entries

Boyd's Marriage Index is an index to English marriages taken from copies of parish marriage registers, Bishop's Transcripts and marriage licences, for the period 1538 to 1840 (when statutory registration began). It was principally the work of Percival Boyd, MA, FSA, FSG (1866 to 1955) and his staff. It was made at his expense between 1925 and 1955, and has since been expanded.

All English counties are covered, none completely (some, eg. Cambridge, are almost complete), and the periods indexed vary according to the copies of records which were readily available. Registers from over 4,300 parishes have been indexed, a total of over 7 million names.

The index is particularly important to anyone researching East Anglian ancestry for not only is the coverage almost complete (over 95% of all the ancient parishes are included), but little of this data is available anywhere else (for example, the International Genealogical Index has very limited coverage of this area).

The Index Series

The Index is divided into the following three series:

  1. Main Series - contains records for the following counties:
  2. Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Devon, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Middlesex (includes Cities of London and Westminster), Norfolk, Northumberland, Shropshire, Somerset, Suffolk, Yorkshire. The County of London was not formed until 1888. London parishes formerly in Surrey and Kent, south of the River Thames, are included in the two Miscellaneous Series.

  3. First Miscellaneous Series - 1538 to 1775
  4. Boyd's First Miscellaneous Series has now been added to British Origins. This data includes over 1.4 million names that are not included in any of the separate county lists. The records in the First Series include the following counties: Bedforshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Dorset, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Isle of Wight, Kent, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Staffordshire, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Westmorland, Wiltshire, and Worcestershire.

  5. Second Miscellaneous Series - 1538 to 1837
  6. This Series was typed by the Genealogical Society of Utah from miscellaneous slips prepared and bequeathed to them by Boyd. It contains marriages from all the English counties, including gaps left by the First Miscellaneous Series.

Source of records

While most records have been captured from the Parish Registers, many have been captured from Bishops' Transcripts (BTs), and both sources have been used for some.

Copies of the typescript index

Copies of the original typescript index are with the Society of Genealogists, the College of Arms, the Genealogical Society of Utah and some county records offices and libraries have copies of segments of the Index. At present the Society of Genealogists' copy of the Index consists of 534 volumes containing about 6 to 7 million names. This is thought to cover 12 to 15% of marriages in England between 1538 and 1840.

The index records

All index entries contain:

For example:


There are some idiosyncrasies in the way last names are spelled and first names abbreviated.

Boyd's Marriage Index for England (1538 to 1840) contains 151 entries under the surname RAMSDALE and its close variants:

Year Last Name 1 First Name 1 Last Name 2 First Name 2 Place County
1584 Ramsdaile My Wilson Thos Darrington Yorkshire
1616 Ramsdaile Agn Mawson Chris Leeds (St Peter) Yorkshire
1637 Ramsdaile Ric Laborne Eliz Hamsterley Durham
1638 Ramsdaile Mary Dickinson Jn Durham (St Nicholas) Durham
1624 Ramsdaile Ric Bouckle An Auckland (St Andrew) Durham
1618 Ramsdale Rob Planard Urs York Archdiocese Yorkshire
1772 Ramsdale Pet Hartington An Marylebone (St Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1741 Ramsdale Alce Bland Ric Nottingham Archdeaconry Nottinghamshire
1708 Ramsdale An Marshall Jas Nottingham Archdeaconry Nottinghamshire
1758 Ramsdale Mary Weat Jn Darlton Nottinghamshire
1641 Ramsdale Alce Shindler Jn Canterbury Diocese Kent
1640 Ramsdale Eln Frend Tho Lincoln Diocese Lincolnshire
1687 Ramsdale Jn Lomax Jane Chester Archdeaconry Cheshire
1745 Ramsdale Mary Longston Wm Peak Forest Derbyshire
1736 Ramsdale An Allen Math Spalding Lincolnshire
1743 Ramsdale Elz Brown Cha Moulton Lincolnshire
1787 Ramsdale Tho Steward Barb Walsham, North Norfolk
1779 Ramsdale Wm Plaiford Mary Ridlington Norfolk
1779 Ramsdale Wm Plaiford Mary Ridlington Norfolk
1604 Ramsdale Hy Stable An Leeds Yorkshire
1608 Ramsdale Alex Holme Dy Skipton Yorkshire
1617 Ramsdale Jn Headley Eliz Seamer Yorkshire
1572 Ramsdale Jn Jeffries Alce Yarmouth, Great Norfolk
1733 Ramsdale Tho Roiall Mary Catfield Norfolk
1599 Ramsdale Marian Weslake Rog Exeter (St Paul) Devon
1832 Ramsdale Marth Southworth Ric Leyland Lancashire
1836 Ramsdale Elz Atherton Wm Wigan Lancashire
1836 Ramsdale Han Howarth Emanuel Wigan Lancashire
1829 Ramsdale Elz Longworth Jn Wigan Lancashire
1830 Ramsdale An Harison Jn Wigan Lancashire
1830 Ramsdale An Stephenson Jn Wigan Lancashire
1826 Ramsdale Alce Eltoft Hen E Wigan Lancashire
1805 Ramsdale Eln Crawford Geo Wigan Lancashire
1804 Ramsdale Betty Hardman Tho Wigan Lancashire
1802 Ramsdale Esther Flitcroft Wm Wigan Lancashire
1801 Ramsdale An Wilcock Jas Wigan Lancashire
1803 Ramsdale Mgt Pickering Tho Wigan Lancashire
1813 Ramsdale Elz Roper Ric Wigan Lancashire
1817 Ramsdale Mgt Marsh Rob Wigan Lancashire
1820 Ramsdale Sara Oromton Jas Wigan Lancashire
1822 Ramsdale Esther Davis Jn Wigan Lancashire
1779 Ramsdale Betty Keirsly Rog Wigan Lancashire
1784 Ramsdale Mary Hamblet ... Wigan Lancashire
1787 Ramsdale An Longworth Rob Wigan Lancashire
1782 Ramsdale Mary Holme Jas Wigan Lancashire
1779 Ramsdale Alce Keirsly Wm Wigan Lancashire
1823 Ramsdale Sam Boardman Sara Wigan Lancashire
1816 Ramsdale Wm Fagan Mgt Wigan Lancashire
1814 Ramsdale Jas Haies An Wigan Lancashire
1835 Ramsdale Tho Golding Han Wigan Lancashire
1803 Ramsdale Abr Brown Elz Manchester Lancashire
1828 Ramsdale Rob Gaskel Jane Wigan Lancashire
1784 Ramsdale Edm Laithwait Alce Wigan Lancashire
1808 Ramsdale Jas Chadwick Mary Hindley Lancashire
1814 Ramsdale Rob Hodgson Esther Wigan Lancashire
1826 Ramsdale Tho Hoighton Eln Wigan Lancashire
1793 Ramsdale Jn Makin Jane Wigan Lancashire
1821 Ramsdale Tho Hough Jane Wigan Lancashire
1803 Ramsdale Jas Hughes Mary Wigan Lancashire
1818 Ramsdale Jn Gregory Sara Wigan Lancashire
1777 Ramsdale Jn Meadow Mary Wigan Lancashire
1821 Ramsdale Rob Bolton An Wigan Lancashire
1826 Ramsdale Tho Coop Mgt Wigan Lancashire
1797 Ramsdale Rob Bushal Alce Wigan Lancashire
1746 Ramsdale Rob Smethurst Elz Wigan Lancashire
1730 Ramsdale Jas Wittle Anna Deane Lancashire
1782 Ramsdale Rob France Est Wigan Lancashire
1789 Ramsdale Jas Barlow Betty Wigan Lancashire
1775 Ramsdale Tho Kay Est Wigan Lancashire
1773 Ramsdale Tho Marsh Mary Wigan Lancashire
1828 Ramsdale Jas Richardson Sara Wigan Lancashire
1830 Ramsdale Moses Winnard Marth Wigan Lancashire
1827 Ramsdale Sam Smith Alce Wigan Lancashire
1825 Ramsdale Tho Lee Eln Wigan Lancashire
1819 Ramsdale Nath Nelson Elz Wigan Lancashire
1819 Ramsdale Rob Short Elz Wigan Lancashire
1821 Ramsdale Moses Ray Mary Wigan Lancashire
1815 Ramsdale Wm Shuffleton Mary Wigan Lancashire
1814 Ramsdale Wm Mather Han Wigan Lancashire
1813 Ramsdale Jn Small Mary Wigan Lancashire
1803 Ramsdale Jas Orret Mgt Manchester Lancashire
1748 Ramsdale Eliz Curdas Rob Coniscliffe Durham
1757 Ramsdale Wm Greathead Eliz Sockburn Durham
1751 Ramsdale Thos Newton Mary Coniscliffe Durham
1760 Ramsdale Mary Litster Rob Gainford Durham
1761 Ramsdale Ste Hurworth An Denton Durham
1719 Ramsdale Ralph Sissons Mary Coniscliffe Durham
1775 Ramsdale Wm Wethereld Jane Sockburn Durham
1728 Ramsdale Flint Filmouth An Suffolk Archdeaconry Suffolk
1714 Ramsdale Mary Wilson Ric Lowestoft Suffolk
1717 Ramsdale Jn Ward Elz Lowestoft Suffolk
1736 Ramsdale Fran Wilson Jn Lowestoft Suffolk
1736 Ramsdale Fran Wilson Jn Suffolk Archdeaconry Suffolk
1728 Ramsdale Flint Tilmouth An Lowestoft Suffolk
1765 Ramsdale Tho Wilkins Mary Westminster (St George Hanover Square) Middlesex
1790 Ramsdale Mary Wing Aaron Marylebone (St Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1772 Ramsdale Pet Hartington An Marylebone (St Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1812 Ramsdale Mary Grogott Jos Westminster (St George Hanover Square) Middlesex
1818 Ramsdale Math Goodland An Westminster (St George Hanover Square) Middlesex
1735 Ramsdale Mgt Bunce Jn London (St Michael Bassishaw) London
1805 Ramsdale Ann Haslam Hen Derby (St Peter) Derbyshire
1717 Ramsdale John Thomas Barb Howden Yorkshire
1803 Ramsdale Betty Lee Geo Hatfield Yorkshire
1786 Ramsdale Jn Gland My Blacktoft Yorkshire
1585 Ramsdale Alice ... Lawr Snaith Yorkshire
1834 Ramsdale Ana Fauston Wm Linton On Ouse Yorkshire
1790 Ramsdale Th Carper El Doncaster Yorkshire
1645 Ramsdale An Valiance Jno Carlton By Snaith Yorkshire
1791 Ramsdale Rob Stephenson Har Bubwith Yorkshire
1798 Ramsdale Jos Skipsey Jen Ayton, Great Yorkshire
1819 Ramsdale My Rose Jn Rotherham Yorkshire
1767 Ramsdale Wm Kinsley An Hatfield Yorkshire
1633 Ramsdale Fces Hinderwell Thos Seamer Near Northallerton Yorkshire
1762 Ramsdale Thos Goldthorp Mart Doncaster Yorkshire
1623 Ramsdale Mgt Moor Simson White Roding Essex
1675 Ramsdale Edw Francis Ann Broseley Shropshire
1672 Ramsdale Mgt Rawlings Edm Ludlow Shropshire
1636 Ramsdall Dy Leatham ... Campsall Yorkshire
1814 Ramsdall Fran Bow Elz Doncaster Yorkshire
1566 Ramsdall Jane Townend Thos Normanton Yorkshire
1780 Ramsdall Elz Steel Wm Rotherham Yorkshire
1731 Ramsdall Isb Gowthwatte Rob York (St Martin Coney Street) Yorkshire
1634 Ramsdall Mary Wilson Tho Leyton Essex
1579 Ramsdall Wm Jepson An Doncaster Yorkshire
1577 Ramsday Gilb Nowels Elz London (St Mary Magdalene Milk St) London
1658 Ramsdel An Jackson Sam Croxton Kerrial Leicestershire
1780 Ramsdel Chr Coverdale My Ayton, Great Yorkshire
1629 Ramsdel Edw Clink Tomsin Stepney (St Dunstan) Middlesex
1684 Ramsdel Hester Hobs Wm Marylebone (St Mary Le Bone) Middlesex
1678 Ramsdel Jn Read Elz Beccles Suffolk
1686 Ramsdel Esther Haddingham Jacob Beccles Suffolk
1832 Ramsdel Sam Robinson Agn Chorley (St Lawrence) Lancashire
1794 Ramsdel Ralph Watson Eliz Durham (St Margaret) Durham
1801 Ramsdel Mich Fox Ann Gresham Norfolk
1802 Ramsdel Sarah Maria Palmer Wm Ditchingham Norfolk
1770 Ramsdel Thos Johnson Sarah Ditchingham Norfolk
1670 Ramsdell Ric Pepper Mary Pinchbeck Lincolnshire
1773 Ramsdell Wm Huntington Ann Middleton St George Durham
1665 Ramsdell Jos Muntser Jane Heighington Durham
1631 Ramsdell Jas Thirston Dy Docking Norfolk
1729 Ramsdell Tho Shadfast An Bradfield Norfolk
1697 Ramsdell Lettice Pepper Edm Bawsey Norfolk
1652 Ramsdell Grace Ingram Fcis Whitkirk Yorkshire
1755 Ramsdell Flint Williams Jane Lowestoft Suffolk
1637 Ramsdell Jn Berry Jane York (St Mary Bishophill Junior) Yorkshire
1642 Ramsdell Isab Roberts Thos Fewston Yorkshire
1632 Ramsdell Jn Morley Jane York (Holy Trinity Goodramgate) Yorkshire
1621 Ramsdell Tho Briarly Mary Leyton Essex
1707 Ramsdill Wm Cartt Eliz York (Holy Trinity Goodramgate) Yorkshire
1804 Ramsdill Elz Richmond Dav Ouseburn, Great Yorkshire
1761 Ramsdle Ste Hoarwood An Coniscliffe Durham
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