1851 England Census

Devon, Norfolk, Warwickshire and Bromsgrove (Worcestershire)

Ramsdale Surname Entries

The 1851 census returns for Devon, Norfolk and Warwickshire were released on a single CD-ROM in Spring 1998 and represented a pilot for the 1881 CD-ROM project.

Name Relationship Marital Status Age Sex Occupation Birthplace
Samuel Ramsdale Head M 60 M Milk Seller Wednesbury, STS
Martha Ramsdale Wife M 59 F Mangler Birmingham, WAR
Samuel Ramsdale Son U 23 M Silver Pencil Case Polisher (Journeyman) Birmingham, WAR
Address 14 Cox Street, Birmingham, WAR PRO Ref HO\107\2056 Folio 139, Page 9
Census Place Birmingham, WAR FHL Film 0332116
William Ramsdall Head M 52 M Agricultural Labourer Faesby, WAR
Elizabeth Ramsdall Wife M 50 F - NK, DBY
John Ramsdall Son M 23 M - Wilnecote, WAR
Enock Ramsdall Son U 16 M - Wilnecote, WAR
Abraham Ramsdall Son U 14 M - Wilnecote, WAR
David Ramsdall Son U 8 M - Cliff, WAR
Address Tamworth, WAR Pro Ref HO/107/23 Folio 452, Page 8
Census Place Kingsbury, Tamworth, WAR FHL Film 0087416
Thomas Ramsdale Head M 25 M Farm Bailiff St Johns, NFK
Mary Ramsdale Wife M 28 F - Spalding, LIN
Address Church End, Wisbech, NFK Pro Ref HO/107/1767 Folio 172, Page 2
Census Place Terrington St John, Wisbech, NFK FHL Film 0193661
Thomas Ramsdale Head M 86 M Formerly, Farmer North Walsham, NFK
Mary Ramsdale Wife M 80 F - Brumstead, NFK
Address 55 Worstead Meeting Hill, Tunstead, NFK Pro Ref HO/107/1808 Folio 282, Page 11
Census Place Worstead Tunstead, NFK FHL Film 0207460
Thomas Ramsdale Head M 61 M Retired Currier North Walsham, NFK
Margaret Ramsdale Wife M 59 F - Norwich, NFK
Matthias Ramsdale Son U 34 M Currier & Leather Cutter [employs 2 men] East Dereham, NFK
Robert Ramsdale Son U 31 M Corn & Coal Merchant East Dereham, NFK
Harriet Ramsdale Daughter U 24 F - East Dereham, NFK
Mary Hall Servant U 33 F House Servant Bilney, NFK
Benjamin Trollop Servant U 15 M Servant Scarning, NFK
Address Quebec Street, Mitford and Launditch, NFK Pro Ref HO/107/1825 Folio 22, Page 18
Census Place East Dereham, Mitford and Launditch, NFK FHL Film 0207479
William Ramsdale Head M 52 M Farmer, 25 acres St Johns, NFK
Mary Ramsdale Wife M 49 F - St Johns, NFK
Michael Ramsdale Son U 28 M Butcher St Johns, NFK
Elizabeth Ramsdale Daughter U 6 F Scholar St Johns, NFK
George Ramsdale Son U 5 M Scholar St Johns, NFK
Elizabeth Wates Servant U 20 F House Servant St Johns, NFK
Address Downham, NFK Pro Ref HO/107/1830 Folio 69, Page 41
Census Place Wiggenhall, St Mary Magdalen, Downham, NFK FHL Film 0207485
Samuel C Fidgeon Head M 31 M Farmer of 120 acres employing 4 labourers Wilnecote, WAR
Ann Fidgeon Wife M 33 F - Norton, STS
Samuel C Fidgeon Son U 6 M - Wilnecote, WAR
William Fidgeon Son U 5 M - Wilnecote, WAR
Ann C Fidgeon Daughter U 3 F - Dosthill, WAR
Sophia Fidgeon Daughter U 1 F - Dosthill, WAR
Francis Fidgeon Son U 7 months M - Bonehill, STS
Alice Ramsdell Servant W 30 F Domestic Bonehill, STS
Mary Langley Servant U 15 F Domestic Wilnecote, WAR
Thomas Black Servant M 26 M - Bretby, DBY
Charlotte Thomas Servant M 20 F Domestic NFK
Address Tamworth, WAR Pro Ref HO/107/2013 Folio 451, Page 6
Census Place Kingsbury, Tamworth, WAR FHL Film 0087416
William Ramsdale Head M 73 M Nailor Bromsgrove, WOR
Hannah Ramsdale Wife M 55 F Nailor Bromsgrove, WOR
Caroline Ramsdale Daughter U 17 F Nailor Bromsgrove, WOR
Thomas Fisher Visitor U 20 M Nailor Bromsgrove, WOR
Thomas Kimberly Visitor W 43 M Cooper Fazely, STS
Address 33 Rotton Row, Bromsgrove, WOR Pro Ref HO/107/2047 Folio 223, Page 171
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