Chapman County Codes: England



The two following tables provide basic information about the major administrative regions of England. There are different systems of administration in the UK, and the administrative units bear different names: county, region, and district. In addition, large-scale reorganisations of local authorities occurred in the early and mid 1970s, resulting in new counties, the "disappearance" of old counties, adjustments to county boundaries, and so on. For many family history purposes, it is the "old" administrative regions which are relevant. However, a knowledge of the present arrangements is also needed, so that the records you need can be found.

Also, these are administrative regions, whereas for many purposes the old counties continue to have an existence, at least in the minds of people who disagreed with the changes.

Information is listed for each region, in the form of tables, and includes the following information:

Further information is provided at the end of the tables for each country. Following legislation passed in 1972, and the report of the Local Government Boundaries Commission, new county names and boundaries came into effect in England from 1st April 1974.

English Counties: Pre 1974 Boundaries

English Counties - Pre 1974 Boundaries

Table 1: Counties before April 1974

County Abbreviation CCC
Bedfordshire Beds BDF
Berkshire Berks BRK
Buckinghamshire Bucks BKM
Cambridgeshire 1 Cambs CAM
Cheshire n\a CHS
Cornwall 2 Corn CON
Cumberland n\a CUL
Derbyshire Derbys DBY
Devonshire n\a DEV
Dorset n\a DOR
Durham 3 n\a DUR
Essex n\a ESS
Gloucestershire Glos GLS
Hampshire 5 Hants HAM
Herefordshire n\a HEF
Hertfordshire Herts HRT
Huntingdonshire 6 Hunts HUN
Kent n\a KEN
Lancashire Lancs LAN
Leicestershire Leics LEI
Lincolnshire Lincs LIN
London 4 London LND
Middlesex 4 M'sex MDX
Norfolk n\a NFK
Northamptonshire Northants NTH
Northumberland Northumb NBL
Nottinghamshire Notts NTT
Oxfordshire Oxon 7 OXF
Rutland n\a RUT
Shropshire Salop 8 SAL
Somerset n\a SOM
Staffordshire Staffs STS
Suffolk n\a SFK
Surrey n\a SRY
Sussex n\a SSX
Warwickshire Warks WAR
Westmorland n\a WES
Wiltshire Wilts WIL
Worcestershire Worcs WOR
Yorkshire 9 Yorks YKS

Table 2: Counties after April 1974

County Abbreviation CCC Administrative Centre
Avon n\a AVN Bristol
Bedfordshire Beds BDF Bedford
Berkshire Berks BRK Reading
Buckinghamshire Bucks BKM Aylesbury
Cambridgeshire 1 Cambs CAM Cambridge
Cheshire n\a CHS Chester
Cleveland n\a CLV Middlesbrough
Cornwall 2 Corn CON Truro
Cumbria n\a CMA Carlisle
Derbyshire Derbys DBY Matlock
Devonshire n\a DEV Exeter
Dorset n\a DOR Dorchester
Durham 3 n\a DUR Durham
East Sussex n\a SXE Lewes
Essex n\a ESS Chelsmford
Gloucestershire Glos GLS Gloucester
Greater London 4 London LND London
Greater Manchester n\a GTM Manchester
Hampshire 5 Hants HAM Winchester
Herefordshire and Worcester n\a HWR Worcester
Hertfordshire Herts HRT Hertford
Humberside n\a HUM Beverley
Isle of Wight 10 I.O.W. IOW Newport
Kent n\a KEN Maidstone
Lancashire Lancs LAN Preston
Leicestershire Leics LEI Leicester
Lincolnshire Lincs LIN Lincoln
Merseyside n\a MSY Liverpool
Norfolk n\a NFK Norfolk
Northamptonshire Northants NTH Northampton
Northumberland Northumb NBL Morpeth
North Yorkshire N. Yorks NYK Northallerton
Nottinghamshire Notts NTT Nottingham
Oxfordshire Oxon 7 OXF Oxford
Shropshire Salop 8 SAL Shrewsbury
Somerset n\a SOM Taunton
South Yorkshire S. Yorks SYK Barnsley
Staffordshire Staffs STS Stafford
Suffolk n\a SFK Ipswich
Surrey n\a SUR Kingston 11
Tyne and Wear n\a TWR Newcastle
Warwickshire Warks WAR Warwick
West Midlands n\a WMD Birmingham
West Sussex n\a SXW Chichester
West Yorkshire W. Yorks WYK Wakefield
Wiltshire Wilts WIL Trowbridge


1 Also known as "Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely".

2 Includes the Isles of Scilly.

3 Durham is often referred to as "County Durham". No other English county is normally prefixed in this way.

4 Following the London Government Act 1963, Greater London was formed from: London (CCC=LND), Middlesex (Middx, CCC=MDX), and parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey.

5 The abbreviation "Hants" derives from "Hantshaving", the original name for this county.

6 Also known as "Huntingdon and Peterborough".

7 "Oxon" is an abbreviation of "Oxonia", the Latin name for Oxford. It is often used in addresses as an abbreviation for the county name "Oxfordshire".

8 "Salop" derives from "Sloppesberie", the original Anglo-French name for this county. This is sometimes used as a short form in addresses. It appears that the official modern naming is actually "Salop", though most people would refer to "Shropshire".

9 Yorkshire, the largest of the English counties, used to be administered in three divisions, or "ridings": East Riding (CCC=ERY), North Riding (CCC=NRY), West Riding (CCC=WRY).

10 Before October 1974, the Isle of Wight was administered with the county of Hampshire.

11 Kingston itself is no longer in Surrey, but is in Greater London.