DRR Confirmed Haplogroup is R-BY31000 (formerly R-ZZ12_1 and R1b1a2a1a1b*)

Haplogroup R-P312 is the descendant of the major R-P25 (aka R-M343) lineage and is the most common in Central Europe, Spain, France, Portugal, and the British Isles.

(above) DRR ethnicity (familytreedna.com)

(above) DRR ethnicity (ancestry.com)

The European continent has been witness to many episodes of human migration, some of which have spanned over thousands of years. The most up-to-date research into these ancient migrations on the European continent suggests that there were three major groups of people that have had a lasting effect on present day peoples of European descent: hunter-gatherers, early farmers, and metal age invaders. The image below displays the percentages of autosomal DNA that I still carry from these ancient european groups.

(above) DRR ancient European origins

(above) DRR mtDNA HVR1 matches: 205

(above) DRR mtDNA Haplogroup K1c2

(above) DRR Y-DNA

(above) DRR DNA Haplogroup