Samuel Ramsdale (1827-1891)


Samuel RAMSDALE, born on Saturday, 14 July 1827 at Livery Street, Birmingham, was baptised on Monday, 20 April 1829 in St. Phillip's, Birmingham. According to the 1851 Census, Samuel (then aged 23) lived with his parents, Samuel and Martha, at 14 Cox Street, Birmingham, at which time his occupation was described as a "silver pencil case polisher (journeyman)". Samuel married Charlotte EVANS (baptised Friday, 4 November 1836, at Whitchurch in Shropshire, the daughter of Samuel EVANS (butcher) and Martha SHUKER) on Monday, 18 October 1858, in All Saints, Birmingham. Samuel RAMSDALE's occupation at the time of his marriage in 1858 was warehouse porter and he lived at 19 Hockley Hill. Charlotte's address at time of marriage was Lodge Road.


  1. George Samuel RAMSDALE was born at 2 Court, Great Russell Street, Birmingham, in the parish of St. George on Thursday, 17 November 1859 and died on Tuesday, 23 August 1938 (age 78) at 81 Alexandra Road, Soho, Birmingham
  2. Ann Maria RAMSDALE was born on Tuesday, 6 March 1866 and baptised on Sunday, 25 March 1866 in St. George's, Birmingham and died on Sunday, 28 June 1868 (age 2 years) at Park Road, All Saints, Birmingham. Her cause of death was certified to be (1) rubeola and (2) 9 days pneumonia. Measles was historically called rubeola. Complications with measles are relatively common and include pneumonia. Her mother, Charlotte RAMSDALE (née EVANS and illiterate), was present at the death
  3. Charlotte Rosina RAMSDALE was born at 344 Park Road, All Saints, Birmingham on Wednesday, 24 August 1870 and baptised on Sunday, 18 September 1870 in All Saints, Birmingham. On Monday, 25 December 1893, after banns, Charlotte (Rosina) RAMSDALE, a spinster age 23 (no occupation) residing at 4 Cliff Place, Baker Street, married James Frank CHATER (occupation tram conductor), a bachelor also age 23, born on Tuesday, 22 February 1870 at 5 Conyer (?) Street, Birmingham and residing at 5 Victoria Terrace, Dawson Road in St James' Parish Church (Handsworth), Staffordshire. The couple's respective fathers were Samuel RAMSDALE (porter, deceased) and George CHATER (coach smith) and the marriage was witnessed by George CHATER and Myra JONES. The marriage certificate appears to have been signed by both.
  4. Emma Eliza (Emily) RAMSDALE was born at 344 Park Road, Birmingham on Friday, 8 May 1874. Her mother, Charlotte RAMSDALE née EVANS, was illiterate and signed Emma Eliza's birth certificate with a cross. The certificate also records the occupation of her father, Samuel RAMSDALE, as "Ironmonger's Assistant". In or about 1893 Emma Eliza RAMSDALE married (?) James Joseph DONOGHUE, born 1863, and bore him two daughters:
    1. Emily Charlotte DONOGHUE, born on Sunday, 18 February 1894 in St George, Birmingham. At the time of the birth Emily Eliza DONOGHUE, formerly RAMSDALE, lived with James Joseph DONOGHUE (commercial traveller's porter) at 2 Back 110 Barr Street, Birmingham
    2. Dorothy Mary DONOGHUE, born on Tuesday, 17 May 1898 in Handsworth, Staffordshire. At the time of this birth Emily DONOGHUE, formerly RAMSDALE, lived with James DONOGHUE (traveller's porter) at 18 Westbourne Grove, Handsworth, Staffordshire

    On Monday, 14 August 1899 James Joseph DONOGHUE (traveller's porter) died age 36 at 18 Westbourne Grove, Victoria Road, Handsworth. The causes of death, as certified by the Coroner for Staffordshire H. A. Pearson, were "heart disease" and "natural causes".

    On Saturday, 1 September 1900 in St James' Parish Church, Handsworth, Emily Eliza DONOGHUE (née Emma Eliza RAMSDALE) age 26 married James WYATT (born Monday, 3 May 1875 at 13 Dowles Road, Bewdley, Worcestershire), tram driver and bachelor, age 24. Emily had no occupation and was a widow. The couple lived at 153 Grove Lane. The couple's respective fathers, James WYATT (labourer) and Samuel RAMSDALE (porter), were stated to be deceased. The couple signed the register (and were therefore literate) and the ceremony was witnessed by Thomas COLES and Harriet Agnes ROGERS.

    Although James WYATT's father is described as deceased on the marriage certificate, no father is identified on the birth certificate of James WYATT who was born to Susan WYATT on Monday, 3 May 1875 at 13 Dowles Road, Bewdley in the counties of "Worcester, Stafford and Salop".

    1881 Census
    Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
    William WYATT  Head  Widower Male  66  Bayton, Worcester, England  Gardner (ND) 
    Susan WYATT Daughter  Unmarried Female 30 Bayton, Worcester, England  Laundress
    James WYATT  Grandson  Unmarried Male 5 Bewdley, Worcester, England  Scholar 

    15 Dowles Road, Ribbesford, Worcestershire

    1891 Census
    Name Relationship to Head Gender Age Estimated Birth Year Occupation Birth City or District Birth County
    Albert T FOWLER Head Male 25 1866 Cabdriver Groom Stourport Worcestershire
    Susan FOWLER Wife Female 38 1853 Laundress Bayton Worcestershire
    James WYATT Stepson Male 15 1876 Cabdriver Groom Bewdley Worcestershire
    William WYATT Boarder Male 3 1888   Bewdley Worcestershire
    Address 15 Dowles Road, Bewdley, St Leonard's Parish, Ribesford, Worcestershire

    1901 Census
    Name Relation to head of family Married or Single Age Occupation Where Born
    James WYATT Head Married 25 Cable Tram Driver Bewdley, Worcestershire
    Emily E. WYATT Wife Married 26   Hockley, Warwickshire
    Emily C. WYATT Daughter Single 7   Hockley, Warwickshire
    Dorothy M. WYATT Daughter Single 2   Handsworth, Staffordshire

    11 Arthur Road, Handsworth (St James Parish), Sandwell, Staffordshire

    1911 Census
    Name Relation to Head of Family Marital Status Years Married Sex Age in 1911 Occupation Where Born
    James WYATT Head Married   M 36 Cable Car Driver 15 Dowles Road, Bewdley
    Emily Eliza WYATT Wife Married 10 F 37 House Hold Duty Park Road, Hockley
    Emily Charlotte DONOGHUE Stepdaughter Single   F 17 Warehouse Electro Plate Barr Street, Hockley
    Dorothy Mary DONOGHUE Stepdaughter Single   F 12 School Victoria Road, Handsworth
    Emily Caroline RAMSDALE Niece Single   F 22 Rule Finisher Icknield Street, Birmingham
    Address 4 Spring Grove, Naden Road, Handsworth, Staffordshire (in the district of West Bromwich, Sub-district and Parish of Handsworth

    James WYATT died in the General Hospital, Birmingham on 25 May 1927 age 52. At the time of death his address was 88 Victoria Road, Handsworth and his occupation was "tram motor man". The certified cause of death was mediastinal lymphosarcoma (5 months). The informant was Emily WYATT (formerly DONOGHUE, née Emma Eliza RAMSDALE).

    Emily Eliza WYATT (formerly DONOGHUE née Emma Eliza RAMSDALE) died at 92 Teddington Grove, Handsworth, Birmingham on Saturday, 6 March 1943 age 68. On her death certificate Emily Eliza WYATT is described as the widow of James WYATT, tram driver, and her cause of death was (1) angina pectoris and (b) arterio sclerosis. Her daughter, D. M. RAMSDALE (Dorothy Mary DONOGHUE) then age 43, was present at her death.

    Angina pectoris, commonly known as angina, is severe chest pain due to ischemia (a lack of blood and hence oxygen supply) of the heart muscle, generally due to obstruction or spasm of the coronary arteries (the heart's blood vessels). Coronary artery disease, the main cause of angina, is due to atherosclerosis of the cardiac arteries. The term derives from the Latin angina ("infection of the throat") from the Greek γχόνη ankhone ("strangling"), and the Latin pectus ("chest"), and can therefore be translated as "a strangling feeling in the chest". There is a weak relationship between severity of pain and degree of oxygen deprivation in the heart muscle (i.e., there can be severe pain with little or no risk of a heart attack, and a heart attack can occur without pain).

    Arteriosclerosis refers to a stiffening of arteries. Arteriosclerosis is a general term describing any hardening (and loss of elasticity) of medium or large arteries (from the Greek Arterio, meaning artery, and sclerosis, meaning hardening).

    1861 Census
    Name Relationship Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace
    Samuel RAMSDALE Head Married 32 Ironmonger's Porter Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte RAMSDALE Wife Married 26   Birmingham, Warwickshire
    George Samuel RAMSDALE Son Single 16m   Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Address Back 41, Great Russell Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire

    1871 Census
    Name Relationship Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace
    Samuel RAMSDALE Head Married 42 Porter Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte RAMSDALE Wife Married 36   Birmingham, Warwickshire
    George Samuel RAMSDALE Son   11 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte R RAMSDALE Daughter   7m   Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Address 344 Park Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire

    The 1873 edition of White's Directory of Birmingham and the Hardware District at pages 209 and 515 list the 344 Park Road (Icknield Street East, Musgrave Road and Bird's Lane) address as a shop and Samuel RAMSDALE as the shopkeeper.

    1881 Census
    Name Relationship Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace
    Samuel RAMSDALE Head Married 52 Warehouse Porter (unemployed) Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte RAMSDALE Wife Married 47 Laundress Birmingham, Warwickshire
    George RAMSDALE Son Unmarried 21 Jeweller Fancy Rings Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Emily RAMSDALE Daughter Unmarried 6 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte R RAMSDALE Daughter Unmarried 10 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Address 344 Park Road, Birmingham, Warwickshire

    In the 1881 Census "Samuel RAMSDALE" (stated to be aged 53), is described as a "servant" to Susanna LEES who was probably the daughter of Martha RAMSDALE and Thomas LEES, who were married on Saturday, 17 December 1842. His occupation is described as "Scale Maker Servant (Dom)" and his marital status is "unmarried".

    1881 Census
    Name Relationship Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace
    Susana LEES Head Widow 37 Scale Manufacturer (Dom) Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
    Jane GREGORY Sister Married 27 None Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire
    Charles GREGORY Nephew Single 4 - Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Samuel RAMSDALE Servant Single 53 Scale Maker Servant (Dom) Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Florence LEES Granddaughter Single 12 Scholar Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Address Claremont Road, Trentham Villa, Handsworth, Staffordshire

    1891 Census
    Name Relationship Marital Status Age Occupation Birthplace
    Samuel RAMSDALE Head Married 63 (none stated) Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte RAMSDALE Wife Married 59 Wash Laundress Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Charlotte Daughter Unmarried 20 Gold Jewellers Polisher Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Emily Daughter Unmarried 16 General Domestic Servant Birmingham, Warwickshire
    Address 2 Back 340 Park Road, All Saints, Birmingham, Warwickshire

    Samuel RAMSDALE is believed to have been illiterate and he died, aged 64, on Friday, 9 October 1891 at Back 340, Park Road, Birmingham. His cause of death was certified as (1) paralysis and (2) exhaustion and his wife, Charlotte, was stated to have been present at the death.

    Charlotte RAMSDALE, stated to be a widow age 62, residing at 7 Dawson Road, Handsworth, married George CHATER (a widower also age 62) of 5 Dawson Road, Handsworth, in the Register Office in the District of West Bromwich on Monday, 16 April 1894. Charlotte's age puts her year of birth as 1832. George CHATER's occupation at the time of marriage was "Coach Smith". The couple's respective fathers, William CHATER (labourer) and Samuel EVANS (butcher), were both stated to be deceased. George CHATER signed the marriage certificate but Charlotte, being illiterate, put only a cross ("her mark"). The witnesses to the marriage were James Frank CHATER and Charlotte CHATER.

    1891 Census
    Surname Forename(s) Relation to Head Status Sex Age Occupation Where Born
    CHATER George Head W M 59 Coach Smith (Unemployed) Warwickshire - Leamington Priors
    CHATER Alfred Son S M 24 Carter (Employee) Warwickshire - Leamington Priors
    CHATER James Son S M 21 Carter (Employee) Warwickshire - Leamington Priors

    24 Ct 3 House Hingeston Street

    Piece: RG12/2397
    Place: Birmingham - Warwickshire
    Enumeration District: 15
    Civil Parish: Birmingham
    Ecclesiastical Parish: All Saints
    Folio: 68
    Page: 31
    Schedule: 199

    Charlotte CHATER, formerly Charlotte RAMSDALE (née EVANS), wife of George CHATER ("gardener domestic retired") died on Sunday, 20 December 1908 at 3 Queens Head Lane, Handsworth, West Bromwich age 76. The cause of her death is stated on the certificate of death to have been senile decay and cerebral apoplexy. The informant was James CHATER, step son, of 16 Milestone Lane, Handsworth. George CHATER ("formerly a jobbing gardener") died age 78 on Wednesday, 12 October 1910 at 16 Milestone Lane, Handsworth. The certified cause of death (after an inquest) was (1) natural causes and (2) heart failure the result of a chill.

    Charlotte Rosina CHATER (née RAMSDALE), died at 16 Milestone Lane, Handsworth, Birmingham on Friday, 7 March 1916 age 45 years. The cause of her death was (1) cardiac disease and (2) anasarca (an accumulation of serous fluid in various tissues and cavities of the body). On the certificate of death Charlotte CHATER is described as the wife of James Frank CHATER (commissionaire). James Frank CHATER (widower of deceased) was also the informant residing at the same address.