International Genealogical Index 1993

Version 3.02

Ramsdale Baptisms and Births

Daniel to Dolly

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Surname Forename Gender Event Date Father Mother Place County
Ramsdale Daniel M C 20 March 1803 N.R. Elisabeth Ramsdale Cathedral, Manchester LAN
Ramsdayle Darythe F C 17 July 1596 Robart Ramsdayle N.R. Saint Michael, Stamford LIN
Ramsdale David M C 30 July 1808 Thomas Ramsdale Ann Leigh LAN
Ramsdale David M C 13 April 1834 David Ramsdale Mary Leigh LAN
Ramsdale David M C 30 July 1843 Edward William Ramsdale Elizabeth Kingsbury WAR
Romsdel Dolly F C 19 October 1794 N.R. Margt Romsdel Westhoughton LAN

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