International Genealogical Index 1993

Version 3.02

Ramsdale Baptisms and Births

Fanny to Frederick

Surname Forename Gender Event Date Father Mother Place County
Ramsdell Fanny F C 14 September 1817 George Ramsdell Sally Clarborough NTT
Ramsdale Flint M C 25 April 1732 Flint Ramsdale Anne Lowestoft SFK
Ramsdayle Frances F C 4 August 1595 Robart Ramsdayle N.R. Saint Michael, Stamford LIN
Ramsdell Frances F C 4 June 1732 Thomas Ramsdell N.R. Bridlington YKS
Ramsdale Frances F C 11 September 1799 John Ramsdale N.R. Saint John, Hackney LND
Ramsdale Frances F C 10 December 1809 Samuel George Ramsdale Margt. Saint Mary, St. Marylebone Road LND
Ramsdale Francis M C 4 June 1692 Henry Ramsdale Francis Lowestoft SFK
Ramsdale Francis M C 31 December 1775 William Ramsdale Anne Long Newton DUR
Ramsdale Franciscus M C 15 November 1724 Jonathanis Ramsdale Mariae Scarcliffe DBY
Ramsdale Frans M C 27 March 1803 Jonathan Ramsdale Mary Kirton NTT
Ramsdale Fred M B 25 June 1902 Richard Ramsdale Alice Lowe Ashton In Makerfield LAN
Ramsdale Frederick M C 11 October 1874 James Ramsdale Margaret Hindley LAN
Ramsdale Frederick Augustus M C 16 July 1834 George Augustus Ramsdale Mary Ann St. Botolph Bishopsgate LND
Ramsdale Frederick John M C 10 August 1828 Benjamin Ramsdale Anne Keston KEN