International Genealogical Index 1993

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Ramsdale Baptisms and Births

Parnel to Prudence

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Surname Forename Gender Event Date Father Mother Place County
Ramsdale Parnel F C 7 November 1789 N.R. Esther Ramsdale Leigh LAN
Ramsdale Peggy F C 17 May 1789 Edmund Ramsdale Alice Lathwaite Presbyterian, Hindley LAN
Ramsdale Peggy F C 14 March 1801 Thomas Ramsdale Ann Leigh LAN
Ramsdale Penelope F C 28 February 1595 Robt. Ramsdale N.R. Saint Mary, Stafford STS
Ramsdale Peter M C 24 March 1765 William Ramsdale Elizabeth Sockburn DUR
Ramsdale Peter M C 20 February 1836 David Ramsdale Mary Leigh LAN
Ramsdale Philip M C 9 March 1785 James Ramsdale Elizabeth Holme upon Spalding Moor YKS
Ramsdaile Philip M C 16 March 1800 Robert Ramsdaile Ann Holme upon Spalding Moor YKS
Ramsdale Philip M C 10 November 1833 Philip Ramsdale Elizabeth Goodmanham YKS
Ramsdale Prudence F C 30 December 1820 John Ramsdale Betty Leigh LAN

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