Birmingham Daily Post (1857 - 1900)

Miscellaneous Ramsdale Surname Entries

Birmingham Daily Post: 4 December 1857 to 29 September 1900
The Birmingham Daily Post was founded in 1857, offering a new form of provincial newspaper, renowned for its large readership, liberal values and its role in fostering civic pride in the fourth largest city in England. In Henry Fox Bourne's 1887 book English Newspapers: Chapters in the History of Journalism he describes how the Post "has both interpreted and educated the temper of this thriving and enterprising part of England".
The daily paper was sold for only 1d, making it one of the first newspapers to offer a cheap source of news to a mass audience. The proprietors, John Frederick Feeney (and later his son) and John Jaffray also published the Saturday paper, The Birmingham Journal, and founded The Saturday Evening Post explicitly for working-class readers. From 1870 these titles formed a single daily eight-page newspaper. "Jaffray Feeney and Company" had many press rivals, the most serious of which was the Conservative Birmingham Daily Gazette, but the comprehensive coverage offered by these newspapers was unique.
Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England)
Saturday, July 12, 1873
Issue 4678
Category: News
Bath Row School … Writing … 2nd class, Emily Ramsdale
Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England)
Monday, September 1, 1884
Issue 8165
Category: Sports
Football … Walsall Swifts v Wolverhampton Wanderers … friendly match … Swifts … forwards … Ramsdale and Horton
Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England)
Saturday, December 27, 1884
Issue 8266
Category: News
Fatal Ice Accident: Two boys, named Garlington and Ramsdale, were drowned on Thursday night at Chorley. They were sliding on a frozen pit when the ice gave way. A man called Kirk who attempted to rescue them had a narrow escape.
Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England)
Friday, April 26, 1889
Issue 9621
Category: News
At Maidenhead Petty Sessions yesterday, Joseph Bonnie, alias "Black Joe", was charged on remand with having burgulariously entered Ramsdale, the residence of Mr Henry White, secretary to the United States Legation, and stolen £4,000 worth of jewellery. After further evidence the magistrates decided that there was not sufficient evidence to convict Bonnie, and ordered him to be discharged.
Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England)
Wednesday, October 23, 1861
Issue 1016
Category: News
Stealing Scale Beams
Birmingham Daily Post (Birmingham, England)
Tuesday, March 16, 1858
Issue 73
Category: Obituary
Died … On the 11th inst., at Victoria Cottage, Wednesbury, aged 41 years, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Mr William Horton, late of Great Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia
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