International Genealogical Index 1993

[Version 3.02]

Ramsdale Marriages: G to I

Surname Forename(s) Sex Date of Marriage Spouse Town County
RAMSDALE George M 25 February 1776 Mary HORSELEY Shipton by Thorpe Yorkshire
RAMSDALE George M 4 June 1799 Mary PICKERING Richmond near Leyburn Yorkshire
RAMSDALE George M 21 May 1816 Elizabeth GOODILL Holy Trinity, Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire
RAMSDALE George or John M 24 November 1823 Harriot BINES Holy Trinity, Kingston upon Hull Yorkshire
RAMSDAL George M 11 June 1824 Charlotte TYLER Old Church, Saint Pancras London
RAMSDALE George M 10 December 1831 Elizabeth CASS South Otterington Yorkshire
RAMSDALE George Augustus M 25 March 1832 Mary Ann BARTLETT Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney London
RAMSDALE George M 24 September 1836 Mary Foster BROWN Saint Denis, York Yorkshire
RAMSDALE George M 3 May 1857 Ann BARTLETT Saint James, Westminster London
RAMSDALE George M 14 November 1865 Rosina HILL Cathedral, Manchester Lancashire
RAMSDALE George Samuel M 26 April 1886 Mary Ann HORTON Sutton Coldfield, Warwick England
RAMSDELL Grace F 25 November 1652 Francis INGRAM Whitkirk Yorkshire
RAMSDALE Grace F 3 November 1653/1654 John HILL Worksop Nottingham
RAMSDALE Grace F 15 May 1729 William COWPER Sledmere Yorkshire
RAMSDALE Harriet F 15 February 1874 William BURROWS Saint Nicholas, Liverpool Lancashire
RAMSDAYLE Henry M 6 November 1604 Anne STABLE Saint Peter, Leeds Yorkshire
RAMSDALL Henrie M 18 May 1639 Ellen R. Tealby Lincoln
RAMSDAIL Henry M 25 October 1756 Ann BARTON Tetford Lincoln
RAMSDILL Isaac M 25 April 1791 Ann CHADWICK Leeds Yorkshire
RAMSDALE Isaac M 24 May 1826 Mary SNAPE Tamworth Staffordshire
RAMSDAILE Isabel F 12 December 1599 Richard GODFRAY Leeds Yorkshire
RAMSDELL Isabell F 26 April 1642 Thom ROBERTS Fewston Yorkshire
RAMSDALL Isabella F 7 November 1731 Robart GOWTHWATTE Saint Martin Coney Street, York Yorkshire
RAMSDALE Isabella F 25 November 1878 Edward HOPWOOD Hindley Lancashire