RAMSDALE Probate Records Database

England & Wales: 1383 to 1967

Year Surname Forename Town County Occupation Probate
1545 Ramsdale Philip Linstead SFK none stated Calendar of Wills and Administrations now preserved in the Probate Registry at Canterbury, 1396 to 1558: Vol 24, Folio 215
1606 Ramsdale William Ringwood HAM none stated Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry. 1605 to 1619: 86 Stafforde
1641 Ramsdale Tho. Gosberton LIN none stated Calendar of Wills Proved and of Administrations Granted in the Commissary Court of the Peculiar and Exempt Jurisdiction of Groby, 1580 to 1800: Calendar No. 4. 1601 to 1652
1654 Ramsdale John Brampton DBY Yeoman Folio 398
14 January 1722 Ramsdale Susannah none stated LIN none stated Calendar of Wills Proved and of Administrations Granted in the Commissary Court of the Peculiar and Exempt Jurisdiction of Groby, 1580 to 1800.
17 February 1810 Ramsdale John Culcheth CHS Weaver List of Wills and Administrations (Including the Infra Wills), now preserved in the Probate Registry at Chester, for the Years 1801 to 1810.
Nov 1853 Ramsdale Matthias none stated MDX none stated No 830
Sep 1855 Ramsdale Michael none stated MDX none stated No 796
Mar 1855 Ramsdale Thomas none stated NFK none stated No 255

London Probate Courts: 1750 to 1858

The following wills and administrations have been extracted for the surname RAMSDALE and its close variants RAMSDAL(L), RAMSDAILLE AND RAMSDEL(L) from an index prepared by Dr David Wright of all the smaller probate court wills and administrations in London for the period 1750 to 1858:

  1. The Royal Peculiar of St. Katherine by the Tower: entries 1750 to 1772
  2. The Royal Peculiar of the Commissary Court of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster: entries 1750 to 1780s, plus a few later to 1829
  3. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Peculiar of the Deanery of Croydon: entries 1750 to 1780s, plus a few later to 1832 (jurisdiction generally in the south-east, but only London entries extracted)
  4. The Archbishop of Canterbury's Peculiar of the Deanery of the Arches: entries 1750 to 1780s
  5. The Peculiar of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Cathedral: entries 1750 to 1837
  6. The Archdeaconry Court of Middlesex: entries 1750 to 1785, plus a few later to 1810
  7. The Archdeaconry Court of London: entries 1750 to 1785
  8. The Commissary Court of London: entries 1750 to 1858
  9. The Consistory Court of London: entries 1750 to 1858

The entries have been taken from the annual calendars of each court, these being arranged in variously sized groups of years and, like the PCC, under the initial letter of the surname only. The total number of index entries is between 60,000 and 70,000. Of the nine courts, the seven smaller ones which were wound up by the late 1700s constitute a little under 10% of all entries. The Consistory Court, which was the superior one in having jurisdiction over the entire capital and inferior only to the PCC, has fewer entries in total than the Commissary Court.

Surname Date Probate Court
Thomas Ramsdal otherwise Ramsdle January 1830 Will Consistory
George Augustus Ramsdale August 1842 Admon Consistory
Ann Ramsdell August 1814 Will Consistory

1858 to 1967

Vol Surname Forenames Town County Occupation Died Probate
1858 Ramsdale Robert Market Weighton YKS none stated 10 April 1857 Administration (with will): Edward Carter, a creditor
1860 Ramsdale Margaret East Dereham NFK Widow 17 May 1857 Executor: Thomas Lane, Wright
1860 Ramsdale Robert East Dereham NFK Auctioneer 25 November 1859 Executrix: Mary, the widow
1860 Ramsdale Thomas Worstead NFK none stated 31 December 1859 Executor: William Neave, Bacton
1861 Ramsdale Alexander Stokesley YKS Tailor 14 July 1859 Executor: William Robinson, Stokesley
1861 Ramsdall Joseph Branston Fen LIN Publican 20 May 1861 Executors: Thomas Cook, Bardney and Stephen Harrison
1863 Ramsdale Philip Goodmanham YKS Innkeeper 1 January 1863 Executrix: Elizabeth, the widow
1863 Ramsdale Mary Stalham NFK Widow 19 January 1862 Administration: Mary Ann Gooch, widow, the sister
1863 Ramsdale Robert Hutton Cranswick YKS Blacksmith 7 December 1862 Administration: Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow
1856 Ramsdale Joseph 50 Trinity Square, Southwark SUR Gentleman 4 July 1856 Executor: Michael Watts Ramsdale, Mare Street, Hackney, butcher, the son Executrix: Mary Ann Ramsdale, the daughter
1865 Ramsdale William Wiggenhall NFK Publican 11 July 1865 (Otherwise Ramsell). Executrix: Mary Ramsell otherwise Ramsell, the widow
1866 Ramsdaile James Holme-upon-Spalding-Moss YKS Yeoman 29 May 1866 Executrix: Clara Ramsdaile, the widow
1866 Ramsdale Harriet Aber Street, West Derby Road, Liverpool LAN none stated 28 December 1865 Administration: Edwin Ramsdale, joiner, widower
1866 Ramsdale Matthew Goodlad 3 Herbert Passage, Strand MDX none stated 20 April 1866 Administration: Eliza Ramsdale, widow
1867 Ramsdale Joseph 2 Moss Lane Hulme and 1 King Street, Stretford LAN none stated 28 April 1867 Executors: Joseph Ramsdale of 24 Charles Street, Wigan, the son and James Alexander Livingston, 10 Oakfield Terrace, Salford, plumber and painter
1868 Ramsdaile John Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor YKS Yeoman 25 May 1868 Executor: George Ramsdaile, brother. Executrix: Cissy Clark, niece.
1870 Ramsdale James 31 Peel Green Road, Barton-upon-Irwell LAN Shopkeeper 1 September 1870 Executrix: Margaret Ramsdale, widow
1872 Ramsdale Clara Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor YKS Widow 1 January 1872 Executor: Thomas Smith, great nephew
1873 Ramsdale Elizabeth Market Weighton YKS Widow 20 October 1873 Administration: John Walker, schoolmaster, nephew
1874 Ramsdale John 18 Peel Street, Runcorn CHS Gentleman 2 April 1874 Executrix: Leah Harper, spinster
1876 Ramsdale William 4 Bank Street, Heaton Norris LAN Dealer in building materials 27 April 1876 Administration: Jane Ramsdale, widow
1877 Ramsdale Mary 5 Friars Mount, Bethnal Green MDX Widow 29 May 1877 Executor: William Trinder, waiter, the brother
1878 Ramsdale Samuel Hindley Green, Hindley, Wigan LAN Collier 5 January 1878 Administration: Alice Ramsdale, widow
1878 Ramsdale Thomas 4 East Street, St Helens LAN Grocer 30 October 1878 Executors: Henry Moss Greer, pawnbroker and John Pritchard, engineer
1879 Ramsdale Elizabeth Market Rasen LIN Widow 17 April 1879 Executrix: Elizabeth Holgate, daughter
1879 Ramsdale Mary King Street, Stretford, Manchester LAN Draper and spinster 26 February 1879 Administration: Joseph Ramsdale, accountant, brother
1881 Ramsdale Alice Hindley Common, Hindley, Wigan LAN Widow 21 January 1881 Executors: Isaac Aspinall, bookkeeper and William Aspinall, grocer
1881 Ramsdale Margaret 79 Peel Green Road, Barton-upon-Irwell LAN Widow 26 May 1880 Executrix: Alice Ramsdale, spinster, daughter
1882 Ramsdale Michael Watts 142 Mare Street, Hackney MDX Butcher 17 August 1882 Executrix: Mary Ramsdale, widow; Mary Ann Ramsdale, sister; Maria Elizabeth Ramsdale, sister
1882 Ramsdale William Astley Green LAN none stated 12 December 1881 Executor: William Mackinson, blacksmith
1883 Ramsdale Mary Ann 4 St Thomas Road, Hackney MDX Spinster 8 February 1883 Executrix: Maria Elizabeth Ramsdale, sister
1884 Ramsdale Eliza West Ella YKS Wife of John 31 March 1884 Executor: John Ramsdale, farmer. Executrix: Ann Stephenson, widow, the sister
1886 Ramsdale John West Ella YKS Agent 18 January 1886 Executor: Hugh Carr, nephew
1887 Ramsdale George 36 High Street, Coatham YKS Coachman 22 December 1886 Administration: Martha Ramsdale, widow
1887 Ramsdale George 37 Seymour Place, Bryanston Square, St Marylebone MDX none stated 4 February 1887 Executrix: Sarah Ramsdale, widow
1888 Ramsdale Martha Newby Wiske YKS Wife of Ralph 16 August 1879 Executor: Ralph Ramsdale of Roecliffe, Yorkshire, retired gamekeeper
1888 Ramsdale Mary 19 Thistlewaite Road, Lower Clapton MDX Widow 28 November 1887 Administration: Clement Ward Ramsdale, the son
1890 Ramsdale James 189 Storey Lane, Hindley, Wigan LAN Shopkeeper 19 February 1890 Administration: Nancy Ramsdale, widow
1891 Ramsdale Ann 5 Markham Square, Chelsea MDX Widow 28 February 1891 Executrix: Emily Louisa Robinson, widow
1891 Ramsdale David 26 Noble Street, Bedford LAN Silk weaver 21 November 1890 Executrix: Elizabeth Ramsdale, the widow. Executor: Thomas Brogden, auctioneer
1891 Ramsdale Nancy Stony Lane, Hindley, Wigan LAN Widow 24 May 1891 Administration: James Ramsdale
1891 Ramsdale James Roecliffe YKS none stated 16 May 1891 Administration: George Ramsdale, the son
1892 Ramsdale Maria Elizabeth 83 Water Lane, Brixton SUR Spinster 2 August 1892 Executor: Frederick Butler, chief cashier. Executrix: Charlotte Maria Ramsdale, spinster
1892 Ramsdale Elizabeth Ann Heanes Walsoken NFK Wife of George Watts Ramsdale 6 September 1892 Administration: George watts Ramsdale, grocer and draper
1893 Ramsdale William Whitby YKS Master mariner - died at sea 25 December 1892 Executrix: Martha Ramsdale, widow
1895 Ramsdale Joseph 8 Belgrave Crescent, Eccles LAN Accountant 10 March 1895 Executor: Thomas Kellett, drysalter
1896 Ramsdale Charles Glazesbury LAN Foundry man 29 September 1896 Executor: Robert Ramsdale, schoolmaster
1897 Ramsdale Sarah South Milford YKS Spinster 29 August 1897 Executors: John Batty, grocer and draper and John Henry Turner, solicitor
1898 Ramsdale Betty 19 Lytham Street, Southport LAN Spinster 3 July 1897 Executrix: Martha Hough, wife of Thomas
1898 Ramsdale James 15 Byron Street, Patricroft, Eccles LAN Bookkeeper 7 October 1897 Administration: Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow
1899 Ramsdale Elizabeth Edstaston near Wem SAL Widow 29 April 1899 Administration: John William Ramsdale, railway foreman
1899 Ramsdale John 3 Russell Street, Darlington DUR none stated 21 February 1893 Administration: Emma Ramsdale, widow
1899 Ramsdale Miriam Noble Street, Bedford LAN Spinster 20 November 1891 Executors: John Boydell, joiner and James Lonsdale, beer seller
1902 Ramsdale Stephen 65 Church Street, Kirkstall, Leeds YKS none stated 6 January 1902 Executrix: Mary Jane Sowry, wife of Thomas Marsden Sowry. Executor: Charles Jole, secretary
1902 Ramsdale Thomas 2 Sedgwick Street, Homerton MDX none stated 8 January 1884 Executrix: Edith Ramsdale, widow
1905 Ramsdale Moses Pendlebury Lane, Haigh LAN none stated 4 December 1904 Executors: James Ramsdale, miner and Mark Forshaw, colliery manager
1906 Ramsdale Elizabeth Penbryn, Colcot Road, Barry GLA Widow 18 July 1906 Also of Adswood, Newport Road, Cardiff. Died at Luton. Executor: Francis Reginald Hybart, architect
1906 Ramsdale Henry Railway Road, Downham NFK Retired coal dealer 13 October 1906 Executor: William Howe, poulterer
1906 Ramsdale John 27 Great George Street, Wigan LAN none stated 19 November 1906 Executrix: Dorothy Ramsdale, widow
1906 Ramsdale Joseph 54 Newport Road, Cardiff GLA Insurance superintendent 2 April 1906 Executrix: Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow
1907 Ramsdale Solomon 165 Whelley, Wigan LAN Colliery underlooker 9 April 1907 Administration: Jane Ramsdale, widow
1908 Ramsdale Edith 19 Penywain Road, Roath Park, Cardiff GLA Wife of Samuel 27 January 1908 none stated
1908 Ramsdale Thomas 297 Wallgate, Wigan LAN Labourer 12 February 1908 Administration: Jane Ramsdale, spinster
1909 Ramsdale Charlotte Maria 16 Cricketfield Road, Clapton MDX Spinster 25 March 1909 Executor: Clement Ward Ramsdale, insurance agent
1909 Ramsdale Dorothy 27 Great George Street, Wigan LAN Widow 24 January 1909 Executors: Richard and John Rigby, boot and shoe dealers
1909 Ramsdale Joseph Minnesota USA none stated 4 December 1909 Administration: Gilbert Howard Terrell, solicitor, attorney of Esther Ramsdale, the lawful widow
1912 Ramsdale Henry Charles 2 Allison Towers, Dulwich Common SUR none stated 8 August 1912 Executrix: Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow. Executor: Reverand Edward Charles Hopkins
1912 Ramsdale James 103 Kirkhall Lane, Leigh LAN Grocer 9 July 1912 Executors: James Ramsdale and Thomas Prescott, operative spinners
1912 Ramsdale Mary Sheen Croft, Blewbury BRK Widow 25/5/12 Administration: Ellen Eugenie Mitchell, wife of Alexander
1914 Ramsdale Emma 3 Russell Street, East Darlington DUR Widow 13 March 1914 Executor: John Wilkinson Davidson, poor law officer
1914 Ramsdale Louisa 2 Ethel Avenue, Blackley, Manchester LAN Wife of John 14 November 1914 Administration (with will limited): William Henry Fox, wood carver
1915 Ramsdale John 70 Cromwell Road, Patricroft, Manchester LAN none stated 27 December 1914 Executors: James Ramsdale, commercial traveller and reverand William Henry Hargreaves
1916 Ramsdale Benjamin Joseph 2 Gordon Street, Chorley LAN none stated 31 March 1916 Executrix: Mary Ramsdale, widow and Mary Ann Ramsdale, spinster. Executor: Joseph Ramsdale
1916 Ramsdale George 110 Greyhound Lane, Streatham SUR none stated 27 August 1916 Executrix: Annie Ramsdale, spinster
1916 Ramsdale Isabella 42 Ashwater Street, Blackburn LAN Spinster 28 July 1916 Administration: Henry Ramsdale, cotton mill operative
1917 Ramsdale Alice 51 Walterton Road, Paddington MDX none stated 31 August 1917 Executor: Arthur Ramsdale, munitions worker
1918 Ramsdale Margaret Ann 41 Poolstock Lane, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan LAN Spinster 14 March 1918 Administration: James Ramsdale, colliery foreman
1918 Ramsdale Mary 2 Gordon Street, Chorley LAN Widow 6 June 1918 Executor: Joseph Ramsdale, warehouseman. Executrix: Mary Ann Ramsdale, spinster
1918 Ramsdale Thomas Carlton DUR none stated 23 February 1918 Executor: John Thomas Swainson, colliery owner
1919 Ramsdale Celia Walsoken NFK Widow 5 December 1918 Administration: George Watts Ramsdale, grocer
1919 Ramsdale Joseph 1 Park Street, Walsoken NFK none stated 16 May 1904 Executors: George Watts Ramsdale, grocer and Charlie Watts Ramsdale, compositor
1920 Ramsdale Elizabeth 133 Chapel Street, Leigh LAN Wife of William 20 October 1920 Administration: William Ramsdale, motor engineer
1920 Ramsdale Henry 79 Victoria Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth LAN none stated 8 August 1920 Executors: Alfred Ramsdale, operative cotton spinner and Edward Ramsdale, docker
1921 Ramsdale Harriet 5 Clifton Street, Worsley Mesnis, Wigan LAN Widow 30 November 1921 Executor: James Ramsdale, colliery foreman
1921 Ramsdale John 7 1/2 Rutland Terrace, Oxbridge Lane, Stockton DUR none stated 28 December 1920 Executor: Eric Ramsdale, baker
1922 Ramsdale John 74 Woodsend Road, Flixton LAN Gentleman 30 July 1922 Executrix: Maggie Thwaites, wife of John James
1923 Ramsdale Rachel Balding 7 Market Place, Wisbech St Peter, Isle of Ely CAM Widow 21 June 1923 Administration: Horace Sylvester Ramsdale, cinema proprietor
1924 Ramsdale Alfred 18 Fylde Street, Farnwoth LAN none stated 1 July 1924 Executrix: Martha Alice Ramsdale, widow. Executor: John Ashton, hardware merchant
1924 Ramsdale Bertha 2 Cavendish Mansions, Clapton Square MDX Spinster 26 March 1924 Executor: Harry Charles Lander, bank manager
1924 Ramsdale Mary 13 Park Avenue, Fleetwood LAN Widow 17 March 1924 Executors: Alfred Ramsdale, operative cotton spinner and Edward Ramsdale, public highway attendant
1925 Ramsdale James 40 Bridge Street, Hindley LAN none stated 29 August 1925 Executor: Thomas Woodcock, confectioner
1925 Ramsdale John Robert 35 Gibson Street, Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 29 November 1925 Executor: Ernest Bogg, beer retailer
1927 Ramsdale Frank Station House, Bolsover DBY none stated 28 April 1927 Administration: George Ramsdale, station master
1928 Ramsdale Peter Meadow View, Heatley Heath, Heatley CHS none stated 15 December 1927 Executors: Arthur Percy Hill, solicitor and Wifred Cecil Moore, bank manager
1928 Ramsdale Stanley 42 Widdup Street, Oldham LAN none stated 11 February 1928 Administration: Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow
1929 Ramsdale William Henry 102 Hope Stree, Leigh LAN none stated 28 September 1929 Died at Wolstenholme Hall, Norden, Lancashire. Executrix: Emma Ramsdale, widow. Executor: William Dunkley, clothing club manager
1930 Ramsdale Daisy Amy The Nest, Beacon Park Road, Plymouth DEV Wife of George Tom Ramsdale 12 November 1929 Executor: Edwin Broad, solicitor. Executrix: Mamie Eva Prust Toyer, spinster
1930 Ramsdale Emma 59 Brindley Street, Kingston-upon-Hull YKS Widow 23 July 1929 Surname perhaps Ashmore. Confirmation of Thomas Ramsdale Ashmore and Marie Elizabeth Ashmore. Sealed London, 22 March 1929.
1930 Ramsdale James Ellwood Sandown, Bramhall CHS none stated 19 March 1930 Died at Crewe station. Executrix: Fanny Annie Ramsdale, widow
1931 Ramsdale Gertrude 32 Carlton Road, Grimsby LIN Spinster 18 May 1931 Administration: Charlotte Ramsdale, widow
1931 Ramsdale Mary Ann 2 Cavendish Mansions, Clapton Square, Hackney MDX Spinster 13March 1932 Died at Hackney Hospital. Executor: Harry Charles Lander, retired bank manager
1933 Ramsdale Frederick (otherwise Fred) 28 Lofthouse Place, Leeds YKS none stated 5 October 1933 Executrix: Alice Ramsdale, widow
1934 Ramsdale Kate Bainbridge 24 Cambridge Road, Great Crosby LAN Widow 19 December 1933 Executrix: Mary Bainbridge Farrimond, spinster. Executor: Arthur Topping, commercial agent
1934 Ramsdale Louisa 229 Warrington Road, Abram LAN Widow 9 February 1927 Executor: John Robert Ramsdale, colliery manager
1935 Ramsdale Ellen Jane 28 Priory Road, Exeter DEV Widow 18 March 1935 Executrix: Marjorie Winifred Ramsdale, spinster
1935 Ramsdale Joseph de novo St Georges Avenue, South Shields DUR none stated 17 March 1935 Executrix: Ethel Ellen Ramsdale, widow and Freda Lambert, spinster
1935 Ramsdale May 3 Trajan Street, South Shields DUR Wife of Henry Prain Ramsdale 4 September 1935 Administration: Henry Prain Ramsdale, bricklayer
1935 Ramsdale Sarah Elizabeth 14 North Villas, Camden Town MDX Widow 19 November 1934 Administration: Edgar Douglas Keeling Ramsdale, manufacturer
1936 Ramsdale Ada 7 1/2 Rutland Terrace, Stockton-on-Tees DUR Widow 31 May 1936 Executor: Eric Ramsdale, master baker. Executrix: Dorothy Eggett, wife of Walter
1936 Ramsdale Edgar Douglas Keeling 203 Camden Road, Camden Town MDX none stated 2 June 1935 Executor: Richard Lennox Clarke, solicitor
1936 Ramsdale Sarah Elizabeth 14 North Villas, Camden Town MDX Widow of Arthur Edgar Ramsdale 19 November 1934 Administration: Arthur Edgar Ramsdale, retired solicitor and Richard Lennox Clarke, solicitor
1937 Ramsdale Joe 3 Tattersall Street, Werneth, Oldham LAN none stated 11 April 1937 Executrix: Gladys Ramsdale, spinster and Alice Gregson, wife of John
1937 Ramsdale John 7 Springfield Terrace, Blackburn LAN none stated 6 March 1937 Executors: Herbert Eccles, engineer's clerk and John Eccles, iron turner
1937 Ramsdale John William 10 Crofton Road, Birkenhead, Liverpool LAN none stated 27 June 1937 Administration: Mary Jane Ramsdale, widow and Doris Ramsdale, spinster
1937 Ramsdale Walter Ashfield, Selby Road, Holme YKS none stated 19 September 1937 Executrix: Catherine Mary Mountain Ramsdale, widow
1938 Ramsdale Albert Boroughbridge YKS none stated 29 November 1937 Administration: Ada Ramsdale, widow
1938 Ramsdale James Devenport Liverpool LAN none stated 12 December 1937 Administration: Margaret Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow
1938 Ramsdale Lilian Watson Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 29 August 1938 Administration: John William Kitching, retired printer
1938 Ramsdale Margaret Wigan LAN Wife of Aaron 21 March 1938 Administration: Aaron Ramsdale, coal miner
1938 Ramsdale Mary Hindley LAN none stated 2 May 1938 Probate: John Woodall, colliery foreman
1938 Ramsdale Richard Leigh LAN none stated 2 January 1938 Administration: Hannah Ramsdale, widow
1939 Ramsdale George West Derby, Liverpool LAN none stated 9 December 1938 Probate: Henry Surgens, insurance clerk
1939 Ramsdale Robert Westhoughton LAN none stated 14 March 1939 Probate: Robert Greenhalgh, chartered secretary and Jesse Ramsdale, coal dealer
1940 Ramsdale Arthur Edgar Cheltenham GLS none stated 3 November 1939 Probate: Albert Victor Gregory, solicitor
1940 Ramsdale Charley Watts Wisbech CAM none stated 3 March 1940 Administration: Percy William Ramsdale, PO clerk
1940 Ramsdale Clara Florence Heswall LAN Wife of James 12 January 1940 Administration: James Ramsdale, retired joiner
1940 Ramsdale Elizabeth Dulwich SUR none stated 12 May 1940 Probate: Lucy Sarah Dixon, spinster and Rosetta Mary Archer, wife of Sidney
1940 Ramsdale Gwendoline Penarth GLA none stated 16 February 1940 Administration: Hubert Henry Heywood Ramsdale, civil engineer the husband
1940 Ramsdale William Wisbech CAM none stated 30 September 1940 Administration: Edith Kingwell Ramsdale, widow
1941 Ramsdale Ada Derby DBY none stated 18 April 1941 Probate: Florence Gertrude Ramsdale, widow
1941 Ramsdale James Heswall LAN none stated 27 September 1941 Administration: Florence Edith Johnson, wife of Samuel and Bessie Nichols Whalley, widow
1942 Ramsdale David Slater Whitby YKS none stated 2 February 1942 Probate: William Stanley Ramsdale, electrical engineer
1942 Ramsdale Edward Fleetwood LAN none stated 29 October 1942 Probate: Albert Ramsdale, joiner and Annie Ramsdale, spinster
1942 Ramsdale George Chesterfield DBY none stated 27 November 1941 Probate: Frances Sarah Ramsdale, widow
1942 Ramsdale Henry Wigan LAN none stated 20 February 1942 Probate: Clifton Ramsdale, electrician, Henry Ramsdale, engineer and Elizabeth Ellen Crispin, wife of Richard Ainsworth Crispin.
1942 Ramsdale Hilda Alice Harrow MDX none stated 8 September 1942 Probate: Alice Elizabeth Ramsdale, spinster
1943 Ramsdale Albert Leigh LAN none stated 26 December 1942 Administration: Maggie Ramsdale, widow and Nora Wilson, wife of Guy Summerfield Wilson
1943 Ramsdale Elizabeth Southport LAN Spinster 5 May 1943 Probate: William Ramsdale, boarding house keeper
1943 Ramsdale Frances Sarah Chesterfield DBY Widow 8 August 1943 Probate: Joseph Ramsdale, furnaceman, Alice Sharratt, wife of Henry and Mary Ingleton, wife of Ralph
1943 Ramsdale Mark Horwich LAN none stated 4 October 1942 Administration: Annie Ramsdale, widow
1943 Ramsdale Samuel Bootle LAN none stated 28 February 1938 Administration: Eliza Ramsdale, widow
1943 Ramsdale Walter Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 23 April 1943 Administration: Gertrude Ramsdale, widow
1944 Ramsdale Ada Kingston-upon-Hull YKS Widow 22 January 1944 Administration: Gertrude Knowles, wife of Robert William and Eva Ramsdale, spinster
1944 Ramsdale Clifton Wigan LAN none stated 23 July 1944 Administration: Esther Annie Ramsdale, widow
1944 Ramsdale Emma Westhoughton LAN Widow 12 September 1944 Probate: Robert Greenhalgh, retired accountant
1944 Ramsdale George Edwin Colchester ESS none stated 10 August 1944 Administration: May Agnes Ramsdale, widow
1944 Ramsdale Jessie Southport LAN Wife of William 8 February 1944 Probate: William Ramsdale, boarding house keeper
1944 Ramsdale Jessie Winton, Eccles LAN Widow 13 November 1944 Probate: George Clare, window cleaner and Ann Hards
1944 Ramsdale Joseph Ernest Saltburn YKS none stated 6 February 1944 Administration: Isabella Ramsdale, widow and Ellenor Ramsdale, spinster
1944 Ramsdale Thomas West Bromwich STS none stated 27 September 1943 Probate: Alan Ramsdale, fireman
1945 Ramsdale Alfred Leigh LAN none stated 28 May 1945 Administration: Lilian Flint
1945 Ramsdale Annie South Shields DUR Wife of John Josiah 16 October 1944 Administration: John Josiah, boat builder's labourer
1945 Ramsdale James Wigan LAN none stated 19 February 1945 Probate: Arthur Ramsdale, colliery deputy and Margaret Pennington, wife of John Robert
1945 Ramsdale William Southport LAN none stated 3 November 1944 Probate: Edwin Ramsdale, water diviner
1946 Ramsdale Catherine Mary Mountain Holme-on-Spalding Moor YKS Widow 19 September 1946 Probate: Sarah Alice England, spinster
1946 Ramsdale Elizabeth Birmingham WAR Spinster 18 February 1946 Probate: Alice Mary Ramsdale, wife of Thomas Robert and Charles Ramsdale, physician
1946 Ramsdale George Watts Wisbech St Peter CAM none stated 6 November 1945 Probate: Lloyds Bank
1946 Ramsdale Joseph Padiham LAN none stated 8 September 1946 Administration: Mary Agnes Ramsdale, widow
1946 Ramsdale Rachel Haigh LAN Spinster 28 January 1946 Probate: Margaret Gaskell, widow and John Ramsdale, retired school caretaker
1947 Ramsdale Anne Whitby YKS Spinster 19 September 1946 Probate: Kenneth McNeil, shoe dealer and William Stanley Ramsdale, electrical engineer
1947 Ramsdale Fanny Annie Bramhall LAN Widow 3 May 1946 Probate: George Kingsley Dyson, bank manager
1947 Ramsdale Frances Blackburn LAN Spinster 15 June 1947 Probate: Elizabeth Ramsdale, spinster
1947 Ramsdale Frederick Manchester LAN none stated 14 May 1947 Administration: Bertha Jane Ramsdale, widow and Freda Ramsdale, spinster
1947 Ramsdale John Robert Abram, Manchester LAN none stated 26 January 1947 Probate: Annie Kay
1947 Ramsdale Margaret Elizabeth Liverpool LAN Widow 13 March 1947 Probate: Samuel Randle Smith, engineer
1947 Ramsdale Thomas Warrington CHS none stated 11 February 1946 Administration: Olivia Ramsdale, widow
1947 Ramsdale William Heywood Cardiff GLA none stated 21 April 1947 Probate: Emily Ramsdale, widow
1948 Ramsdale Elizabeth Wigan LAN Wife of James 10 November 1947 Administration: James Ramsdale, ice cream manufacturer
1948 Ramsdale Henry Grimsby LIN none stated 4 November 1948 Probate: Ethel Schofield, wife of Frederick James
1948 Ramsdale Thomas Robert Birmingham WAR none stated 19 September 1947 Probate: Charles Ramsdale, medical practitioner
1949 Ramsdale Jane Wigan LAN Spinster 2 March 1949 Probate: Moses Ramsdale, foreman fitter.
1949 Ramsdale John Eldridge Chesterfield DBY none stated 12 July 1949 Administration: Mary Elizabeth Ramsdale, widow
1950 Ramsdale Herbert John Richard Selby YKS none stated 7 January 1950 Probate: Douglas Quarton Ramsdale, Secretary of the British Legion and Charles Geoffrey Bailey, Solicitor
1950 Ramsdale Isabella Saltburn YKS Widow 11 August 1950 Probate: Leslie Ramsdale, Police Constable and Doris Ramsdale, Spinster
1950 Ramsdale Margaret Jane Burnley LAN Spinster 14 June 1950 Probate: Alexander Dinsdale Stuttard, retired cotton weaver
1950 Ramsdale Mary Agnes Padiham LAN Widow 25 August 1950 Administration: Agnes Durkin, wife of John
1950 Ramsdale Sophia Jane East Dulwich SUR Spinster 7 July 1950 Probate: Vera Maud Ramsdale, spinster
1950 Ramsdale Thomas Wigan LAN none stated 21 April 1950 Probate: John Vincent Smith, railway shed labourer
1951 Ramsdale Alice Jane Whitby YKS Spinster 23 December 1950 Probate: Kenneth McNeil, shoe dealer and William Stanley Ramsdale, electrical engineer
1951 Ramsdale Catherine Lower Ince CHS Widow 12 January 1951 Probate: Albert Ramsdale, foreman and William Ramsdale, millwright
1951 Ramsdale Douglas Quarton Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 7 January 1951 Administration: Annie Ramsdale, widow
1951 Ramsdale Frank Melton Mowbray LEI none stated 4 January 1951 Administration: Violet Agnes Marshall and Alfred Ramsdale, platelayer
1951 Ramsdale Henry Darlington DUR none stated 28 June 1951 Probate: Gwendoline Helen Ramsdale, widow
1951 Ramsdale Joseph Edward Walthamstow ESS none stated 18 December 1950 Joseph Henry Ramsdale, cabinet maker
1951 Ramsdale Louisa West Bromwich STS Widow 6 May 1951 Administration: Alan Ramsdale, law writer's manager
1951 Ramsdale Mary St Helens LAN none stated 7 January 1951 Administration: William James Ramsdale, van driver
1951 Ramsdale Thomas Richard South Shields DUR none stated 25 February 1951 Administration with will: Gladys Ramsdale, widow
1952 Ramsdale Hannah Leigh LAN none stated 27 December 1951 Probate: William Brooks, lodge keeper
1952 Ramsdale John Warsop NTT none stated 11 September 1952 Administration: Rose Ellen Ramsdale, widow
1952 Ramsdale Joseph South Shields DUR none stated 1 November 1952 Probate: Leah Maud Ramsdale, spinster
1952 Ramsdell Edith St Ives CON none stated 10 July 1952 Administration: Roger Wearne Ramsdell, artist
1953 Ramsdale Albert Ince in Makerfield CHS none stated 10 February 1953 Administration: Clara Ramsdale, widow
1953 Ramsdale Albert Edward Hindley LAN none stated 30 September 1953 Administration: Martha Allice Ramsdale, widow
1953 Ramsdale Arthur Wigan LAN none stated 27 December 1952 Administration: Mary Ann Ramsdale, widow
1953 Ramsdale Charles Catford KEN none stated 19 November 1953 Probate: Donald Ramsdale, insurance assessor
1953 Ramsdale Emily Salford, Manchester LAN none stated 1 March 1953 Administration with will: Minnie Bray, spinster
1953 Ramsdale Ethel Daisy Darlington DUR none stated 29 March 1953 Probate: Margaret Emma Hall, widow and Mary Wood, wife of Ralph.
1953 Ramsdale Florence Catherine Beckenham KEN none stated 20 November 1952 Administration: Alan Ramsdale, law stationer's manager
1953 Ramsdale Florence Gertrude Derby DBY none stated 10 December 1952 Probate: Wilfred Arthur Cudworth, insurance agent
1953 Ramsdale Harry Boroughbridge YKS none stated 10 May 1952 Administration: Wilma Doreen Ramsdale, widow and Marjorie Hadley, wife of Thomas Dale Hadley
1953 Ramsdale Henry Prain South Shields DUR none stated 15 August 1953 Probate: May Cook, wife of Lorraine Cook
1953 Ramsdale Isobel Beverley YKS none stated 9 May 1953 Administration: Mary Pattison
1953 Ramsdale James Derek Peckham SUR none stated 25 March 1953 Administration with will: Edwin Gillibrand Wilson
1953 Ramsdale Martha Ann Oldham LAN none stated 22 February 1953 Administration: Yorkshire Penny Bank
1953 Ramsdale Samuel Whitby YKS none stated 8 April 1953 Probate: William Campbell Collier, electrical engineer
1954 Ramsdale Henry Leigh LAN none stated 9 February 1954 Administration: James Ramsdale, steelworker
1954 Ramsdale Matthew Cleethorpes LIN none stated 3 February 1954 Probate: Marion Carrick, widow
1954 Ramsdale Robert Seymour Cade Guisborough YKS none stated 6 January 1954 Administration: Evelyn Ramsdale, widow
1954 Ramsdale Vero Crewe CHS none stated 28 January 1954 Probate: Phyllis Ramsdale, widow and Cyril Lloyd, railway supervisor
1954 Ramsdall Thomas Edward Nether Whitacre WAR none stated 26 January 1954 Probate: John Edward Ramsdall, stoker and Harry Houghton, lorry driver
1955 Ramsdale Elizabeth Blackburn LAN none stated 21 April 1955 Probate: Reverand William Ramsdale and Walter Ormerod
1955 Ramsdale Jane Blackburn LAN none stated 19 August 1955 Probate: Elizabeth Wilcock
1955 Ramsdale John Horwich LAN none stated 7 January 1955 Probate: Florence May Holgate
1955 Ramsdale Mary Hednesford STS none stated 27 January 1955 Administration: Ada Nellie Seeloff
1955 Ramsdale Mary Stephenson Whitby YKS none stated 1 August 1955 Probate: Kenneth McNeil, shoe dealer and William Stanley Ramsdale, electrical engineer
1955 Ramsdale William Northolt MDX none stated 28 November 1954 Probate: Grace Ramsdale
1955 Ramsdale William Hednesford STS none stated 13 May 1955 Administration with will: Ada Nellie Seeloff
1956 Ramsdale Annie York YKS none stated 21 December 1955 Probate: Ernest Watts Ramsdale, retired hairdresser
1956 Ramsdale Clara Louisa Prestatyn DEN none stated 10 February 1956 Administration: Lewis Ramsdale, retired schoolmaster
1956 Ramsdale Frances Mary Tipton STS none stated 7 August 1956 Administration: Iris May Loveitt
1956 Ramsdale Henry Eccles LAN none stated 2 December 1955 Administration: Florence Ramsdale
1956 Ramsdale Joseph Chorley LAN none stated 9 January 1956 Probate: Edith Annie Darwen
1956 Ramsdale Margaret Wigan LAN none stated 16 September 1956 Administration: Annie Evans
1956 Ramsdale Mary Hindley LAN none stated 2 October 1956 Probate: James Ramsdale, colliery packer and Robert Brown, technical assistant
1958 Ramsdale Ada Boroughbridge YKS none stated 7 August 1958 Probate: John Stapleton Ramsdale and John Inchbold Johnson
1958 Ramsdale Arthur Paddington MDX none stated 22 February 1958 Probate: National Bank
1958 Ramsdale Dorothy Whitley Bay NBL none stated 30 May 1958 Probate: William Stanley Ramsdale and Margaret Elizabeth Ramsdale
1958 Ramsdale James Leigh LAN none stated 29 January 1958 Probate: Annie Ramsdale, widow and Margaret Iball
1958 Ramsdale John Bootle LAN none stated 4 January 1958 Administration: Ellen Ridley Ramsdale, widow
1959 Ramsdale Doris South Bank YKS none stated 4 December 1958 Administration: Alice Ramsdale
1959 Ramsdale Ernest Preston LAN none stated 12 February 1959 Administration: Elizabeth Ramsdale
1959 Ramsdale Frederick Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 19 August 1959 Administration: Elizabeth Ramsdale
1959 Ramsdale James Henry Northwich CHS none stated 13 October 1958 Probate: Ethel Mary Ramsdale
1959 Ramsdale John Wigan LAN none stated 28 February 1959 Administration: Eliza Jane Ramsdale
1959 Ramsdale Margaret Mary Blackburn LAN none stated 18 April 1959 Probate: William Leonard Turner
1959 Ramsdale Martha Wigan LAN none stated 28 April 1959 Administration: Evelyn Ramsdale
1959 Ramsdale Mary Ann Chorley LAN none stated 21 February 1959 Probate: Edith Annie Darwen
1960 Ramsdale Ellen Grimsby LIN none stated 27 April 1960 Administration: Marjorie and Leonard Dorner Hand
1960 Ramsdale Emma Hindley LAN none stated 12 April 1960 Administration: Elizabeth Hill and Albert Nelson Twist
1960 Ramsdale Joyce Sedgley STS none stated 17 November 1958 Administration: Bernard Sidney Ramsdale
1960 Ramsdale Lucy May Nottingham NTT none stated 1 May 1960 Administration: Francis Nicholas Ramsdale
1960 Ramsdale Sidney Wednesbury STS none stated 24 October 1960 Administration: Margaret Ramsdale
1960 Ramsdale Sydney Price Redcar YKS none stated 2 January 1960 Administration: Evelyn Ramsdale
1960 Ramsdale Reverand William Padiham LAN none stated 2 October 1960 Probate: Reverand Joseph Keaton and Ethel Reith
1961 Ramsdale Alice Ann Wigan LAN none stated 15 February 1961 Administration: Albert Ramsdale
1961 Ramsdale Eva Bolton LAN none stated 29 September 1961 Administration: Lillian Ramsdale
1961 Ramsdale Harold Wigan LAN none stated 15 November 1961 Administration: Edna Ramsdale
1961 Ramsdale Hugh Hindley LAN none stated 12 April 1961 Probate: Maggie Ramsdale
1961 Ramsdale Jane Wigan LAN none stated 18 September 1961 Administration: Richard Ramsdale
1961 Ramsdale Maggie Atherton LAN none stated 25 August 1961 Administration: Arthur Ramsdale and Nora Wilson
1961 Ramsdale Maggie Hindley LAN none stated 12 October 1961 Probate: Elizabeth Ellen Swann
1961 Ramsdale Margaret Alker Eccles LAN none stated 21 January 1961 Administration: Evelyn Taylor
1961 Ramsdale Mary Aynsley Newfield DUR none stated 31 March 1961 Administration: Dorothy Smailes Miller
1961 Ramsdale Ralph Newfield DUR none stated 4 June 1953 Administration: Dorothy Smailes Miller
1961 Ramsdale Walter Percy Clapton MDX none stated 2 March 1949 Administration: Mary Jane Ramsdale, widow
1962 Ramsdale Alice Mary Birmingham WAR none stated 8 February 1962 Probate: Charles Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale Annie Jane Horwich LAN none stated 28 January 1962 Administration: Florence May Holgate
1962 Ramsdale Edwin Wigan LAN none stated 11 March 1962 Administration (with will): Maurice Gerald Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale Ernest Denton, Manchester LAN none stated 21 August 1962 Probate: Arnold Clarke
1962 Ramsdale Harold Widnes CHS none stated 22 March 1962 Administration: Bessie Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale John Leigh LAN none stated 20 January 1962 Administration: Laura Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale John Albert Eli Harrow MDX none stated 9 August 1962 Administration: Dorothy Agnes Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale Lewis Prestatyn DEN none stated 5 January 1962 Probate: Joseph William Wallace
1962 Ramsdale Mary Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 30 July 1962 Probate: Nellie Kincade
1962 Ramsdale Oliver Roger Chester Le Street DUR none stated 11 September 1962 Administration: Elizabeth Richardson Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale Ralph Nicholas Leeds YKS none stated 11 October 1962 Administration: Agnes Ramsdale
1962 Ramsdale Richard Redcar YKS none stated 24 January 1962 Administration: Edith Mary Ramsdale
1963 Ramsdale Alice Stockton-on-Tees LAN none stated 4 September 1963 Probate: John Richard MacDowell
1963 Ramsdale Charles William Kingston-upon-Hull YKS none stated 25 October 1962 Probate: William Derek Ramsdale and Gwyneth Mary Meldrum
1963 Ramsdale Edmund Chorley LAN none stated 15 January 1963 Probate: Benjamin Joseph Ramsdale
1963 Ramsdale Eliza Jane Wigan LAN none stated 11 April 1963 Administration: Geoffrey Alan Ramsdale
1963 Ramsdale Horace Sylvester Wisbech CAM none stated 5 June 1963 Probate: Nellie, Horace Victor and Stanley Douglas Ramsdale
1963 Ramsdale James Hindley LAN none stated 16 January 1963 Administration: June Makin
1963 Ramsdale Jessie May Brighouse YKS none stated 11 July 1963 Administration: William Colville Ramsdale
1963 Ramsdale Marjorie Winifred Exminster DEV none stated 7 February 1963 Probate: Job Rowland Jobbins and David J C McNeil
1963 Ramsdale Martha Whitley Bay NBL none stated 30 March 1963 Probate: Kenneth McNeil and William Stanley Ramsdale
1963 Ramsdale Phoebe Manchester LAN none stated 17 December 1962 Administration (with will): Evelyn Annie Clayton
1963 Ramsdale Reginald Frederick Portsmouth HAM none stated 20 April 1963 Administration: Doris Frances Ramsdale
1964 Ramsdale Albert Elvidge Mansfield Woodhouse NTT none stated 11 August 1959 Probate: Albert E and Bernard Ramsdale
1964 Ramsdale Alfred James Portishead SOM none stated 9 November 1963 Probate: Richard R R G Blackmore and John B Burroughs
1964 Ramsdale Edwin Leigh LAN none stated 3 February 1964 Probate: Alice Ramsdale
1964 Ramsdale Edwin John Carshalton SUR none stated 16 September 1964 Probate: Edith F Ramsdale
1964 Ramsdale Elizabeth Wednesbury STS none stated 6 February 1964 Probate: John Skidmore
1964 Ramsdale John Leonard South Shields DUR none stated 24 March 1964 Probate: Ethel Ellen Ramsdale, widow
1964 Ramsdale Joseph Wigan LAN none stated 27 September 1964 Administration: Catherine Ramsdale, widow
1964 Ramsdale Mary Jane Clapton MDX none stated 5 February 1964 Administration (with will): Walter C Ramsdale
1964 Ramsdale Mildred Annie Wisbech CAM none stated 10 March 1963 Probate: Lloyds Bank
1964 Ramsdale Muriel Gladdish Portishead SOM none stated 18 April 1964 Administration: Katherine Mary Todd and Christine Audrey Fitzpatrick
1964 Ramsdale Stanley Douglas Holbeach LIN none stated 14 April 1964 Administration: Hilda M Ramsdale, widow
1964 Ramsdale Ann Elizabeth Nether Whitacre WAR none stated 18 October 1964 Administration: John E Ramsdall
1965 Ramsdale Charlotte Mary Ann Southsea HAM none stated 29 November 1964 Administration: Seth Percy Ramsdale
1965 Ramsdale James London SE1 SUR none stated 6 September 1964 Administration: Florence Mary Ramsdale
1965 Ramsdale Nellie Wisbech CAM none stated 29 June 1965 Probate: Horace Victor Ramsdale
1965 Ramsdale Seth Percy Southsea HAM none stated 26 June 1965 Probate: Richard H P Brocklehurst and John D Webster
1965 Ramsdale William Henry Sevenoaks KEN none stated 8 November 1965 Administration: Constance N N Ramsdale
1966 Ramsdale Alice Grace London SE18 KEN none stated 24 October 1966 Administration: Edward Ramsdale
1966 Ramsdale Benjamin Staveley YKS none stated 29 March 1966 Administration: Mary E E Ramsdale
1966 Ramsdale George Hugh Hurst Scarborough YKS none stated 28 November 1965 Administration (with will): Westminster Bank
1966 Ramsdale Lillian Tipton STS none stated 20 July 1966 Administration: Leslie S Ramsdale
1966 Ramsdale Martha Alice Farnworth CHS none stated 14 June 1966 Probate: Mary Sandford, Ruth Alldred and Alfred Ramsdale
1966 Ramsdale Robert Chorley LAN none stated 28 August 1966 Probate: Midland Bank
1967 Ramsdale Alfred Farnworth CHS none stated 3 October 1967 Administration: Edna Ramsdale
1967 Ramsdale Doris Birkenhead, Liverpool LAN none stated 10 May 1967 Probate: National Provincial Bank
1967 Ramsdale Elsie Violet London N18 MDX none stated 15 June 1967 Administration: Thomas William Ramsdale
1967 Ramsdale Eveleen York YKS none stated 27 July 1966 Probate: Norah Teale
1967 Ramsdale Florence Beatrice West Bromwich STS none stated 31 January 1967 Probate: John Edward Ramsdale
1967 Ramsdale John Wigan LAN none stated 29 May 1967 Probate: John Edward Ramsdale
1967 Ramsdale Mary Elizabeth Clowne DBY none stated 23 February 1967 Probate: Albert Edward Ramsdale
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