World Wide Web Genealogical Sites

[Compiled October 1997 and updated 5 August 2018]

Eastman's Online Genealogy Forum The Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Cyndi's List
SRO - Origins The Surname Web Archives
Geneva, the Online Genealogy Calendar The Vikings Roots Surname List Name Finder
Rand Genealogical Club UK Genealogical Information Computers in Genealogy
Federation of Family History Societies Home Page of Jeffrey T Ramsdale The British Heraldic Archive
Genealogical GEDCOM Server System Genealogy Resources on the Internet Family Tree Maker
Home Page of William Ramsdell Genealogy Tool Box Home Page of Bill Ramsdale
Guild of One-Name Studies Ramsdell Web Site Society of Genealogists
Family Genealogy Home Page Awards Genealogical Award of Excellence I Found it !
Roots to Norway LinkMonster Genealogy Catalog Genealogy Gateway to the Web
Genealogy: Ancestry Home Town Ordnance Survey - Gazetteer of Place Names GENDEX - WWW Genealogical Index
Branching out Online Family History National Statistics Office
Cyndis List Commonwealth War Graves Commission Family Search
College of Arms Earl Consortium